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    U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh

    US Senate Opens Hearing on Sexual Assault Accusation Against Kavanaugh (VIDEO)

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    Kavanaugh has denied all the allegations against him, while President Donald Trump said that the Supreme Court nominee had come under attack from radical left-wing politicians who do not care about the truth.

    The US Senate Judiciary Committee has opened the hearing on Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.

    The Democrats said that just one of the three allegations should have been enough to reopen Kavanaugh's background investigation by the FBI.

    Kavanaugh has denied the accusations, while President Donald Trump continued to stand by his nominee and called the allegations a political game.​

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    • 01:49

      US President Donald Trump Says Kavanaugh's Testimony 'Powerful, Honest'

    • 01:47

      US Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation to the US Supreme Court Adjourns

    • 01:45

      Kavanaugh On Julie Swetnick Allegations: 'I've Never Met Her. I Don't Know Who She Is'

    • 01:41

      Kavanaugh: 'I Did Not' Watch Dr. Ford's Testimony

    • 01:36

      Kavanaugh Confirms That He Has Not Taken a Polygraph Test Regarding Allegations

      In answering whether he'd taken such a test, Kavanaugh says that polygraph results are not admissible in federal court and says again that he'll do "whatever the committee wants."

    • 01:33

      Senator Dianne Feinstein Denies Leaking Information About Ford's Allegations

    • 01:19

      'This Is the Playbook': Senator Thom Tillis Accuses Democrats of Using Sexual Assault Allegations as a Strategy

      The senator accused Democrats of purchasing a website to help block the next conservative judge nominated. 

    • 01:13

      'I Got Into Yale Law School ... By Busting My Tail,' Kavanaugh Says as Evidence He Was Not Problem Drinker

      "Look at my academic record," Kavanaugh says, also referencing his athletic performance to challenge characterizations of him as a problem drinker in high school and college. 

    • 00:55

      Kavanaugh Combative Over Repeated Questions About His Drinking

      Kavanaugh interrupts Senator Richard Blumenthal as the senator attempts to ask him about "falling out of a bus" after a baseball trip and having to "piece things back together." 

    • 00:52

      Kavanaugh: Questions About Renate References in Yearbook 'Dragging Her Through the Mud'

      Senator Richard Blumenthal asks about yearbook references to Renate Dolphin, only to be scolded by Kavanaugh for "dragging her through the mud."

    • 00:41

      Senator Chris Coons Says Credibility of Supreme Court Would Be Called Into Question If Kavanaugh Confirmed Without Further Investigation

    • 00:38

      Kavanaugh: 'Sloppy Drunk' Is Not a 'Fair Characterization'

      Kavanaugh contests descriptions from a college friend referred to by Senator Chris Coons that he would drink until he was stumbling and slurring his words. 

    • 00:33

      Senator Orrin Hatch Calls Kavanaugh Hearing Worse Than Proceedings for Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork

    • 00:03

      Kavanaugh Urged Again to Call for Halt to Confirmation Hearing, Support FBI Investigation

      Senator Amy Klobuchar again urges Kavanaugh to support an FBI investigation so allegations against him can be investigated fully, with the participation of Mark Judge and other alleged witnesses. 

    • 23:57

      'My Life Is Totally and Permanently Altered,' Kavanaugh Says

      He adds that he understands that if he has lied under oath to the committee, that is a crime. 

    • 23:53

      'Do You Like Beer, Senator? Senator, What Do You Like to Drink?' Kavanaugh Responds When Asked if He's Vomited From Drinking

    • 23:50

      Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'To My Republican Colleagues, If You Vote No, You Are Legitimizing the Most Despicable Thing I've Seen in Politics'

      Graham tells Kavanaugh he has his vote. "I hope the American people will see through this charade."

    • 23:48

      'This Is the Most Unethical Sham Since I've Been in Politics' Senator Lindsey Graham Tells Proceedings

      "If you're looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time," Graham tells Kavanaugh. "This is not a job interview. This is hell. This is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because of this crap," he says angrily. 

      "His integrity is absolutely unquestioned," Graham says of Kavanaugh. 

    • 23:43

      'I'm Innocent,' Kavanaugh Repeats Under Urging That He Call for an Investigation

      Senator Dick Durbin continues to chide Kavanaugh for saying he would "welcome any investigation" by refusing to ask for an FBI investigation into the allegations. Kavanaugh asserts again that the FBI doesn't draw conclusions and says he'll do "whatever the committee wants."

      "Look Senator, I said I wanted a hearing. ... I'm innocent. It could have been held ... confidentially as Dr. Ford wanted," Kavanaugh says.  

      Grassley chides Durbin, saying "you can ask for an FBI report yourself."

    • 23:41

      Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Urges Kavanaugh to Tell Hearing to Be Stopped and Request FBI Investigation

      His suggestion earned him a strong rebuke from Senator Chuck Grassley. 

    • 23:34

      Kavanaugh Calls Scrutinizing High School Yearbooks 'A New Level of Absurdity'

      Kavanaugh's yearbooks came under scrutiny for their repeated references to a woman named Renate Dolphin, which have been described as sexual, disrespectful and hurtful.

    • 23:30

      Kavanaugh Dodges Question Regarding Whether He'd Want Mark Judge as Witness During Hearing

      "It was dropped, it was sprung ... it should have been handled in due course," Kavanaugh tells Senator Patrick Leahy about the first allegation against him. Kavanaugh repeated that Judge had provided sworn testimony, but won't say he wishes Judge were in the hearing room. 

      Judge has written what Kavanaugh called a "fictionalized account" of his own high school years and Judge's descent into problem drinking. Asked whether he's a character in the book, Kavanaugh says "you'd have to ask [Judge]."

      "We got a filibuster but not a single answer," Leahy says of the exchange. 

    • 23:11

      Kavanaugh Requests a 15-Minute Break

    • 23:07

      Kavanaugh Testifies That He Has Never Blacked Out From Drinking

      In response to questions, he says he drank beer but never lost track of time, passed out or failed to remember things he'd done while drinking. 

    • 23:05

      'The Swetnick Thing Is a Joke; It's a Farce' Kavanaugh Says of Third Accuser

      Julie Swetnick has alleged that she witnessed Kavanaugh and others use alcohol or drugs to disorient or incapacitate women and gang-rape them. 

    • 23:02

      'I'll Do Whatever the Committee Wants,' Kavanaugh Tells Feinstein

      Senator Dianne Feinstein asks Kavanaugh why he hasn't asked for an investigation. Kavanaugh says he'll do whatever the committee wants, but doesn't call for an FBI investigation specifically. "It's not for me to say how to do it," he says, and notes that the FBI "does not come to a conclusion."

    • 22:51

      Kavanaugh Recounts His History of Promoting Women Law Clerks

      The nominee noted that if confirmed, he'd be the first justice to join the Supreme Court with all women law clerks. 

    • 22:42

      Kavanaugh: This Past Week, My Friends and I Have 'Cringed' Over Old Yearbooks

      Yearbook references to Renate were "clumsily intended to show affection and that she was one of us," and not to imply a sexual relationship, Kavanaugh says with emotion. "She was and is a great person," Kavanaugh told the committee, saying he intended to make sure their relationship was maintained after what he called misrepresentation in the press.  

    • 22:41

      Kavanaugh: 'I Like Beer' But 'I Did Not Drink Beer to the Point of Blacking Out'

      Kavanaugh warns that if everyone who drank moderately in high school is open to random accusations of assault, many in the US should be afraid. 

    • 22:39

      Kavanaugh: Ford's Allegation 'Radically Inconsistent' With My Character, Past and Present

      Kavanaugh says he's always had many women friends - platonic friends - starting from high school. "Several of those great women are in the seats right behind me today," he notes. 

    • 22:32

      Kavanaugh Struggles With Tears Again Describing His Father

      Kavanaugh struggles to hold back tears as he describes how his father kept detailed calendars and diaries, and that his father's example led him to keep detailed calendars of his life. 

    • 22:29

      Kavanaugh: 'I Am Not Questioning that Dr. Ford May Have Been Sexually Assaulted by Some Person, at Some Place, at Some Time'

      Kavanaugh denies going to a party like the one described by Ford. Says Ford and he "did not travel in the same social circles" and that he does not recall meeting her at all, though he says it is possible. 

      Kavanaugh stresses that the events in question happened 36 years ago, and says again that others in his social circle have told the Senate Judiciary Committee under penalty of perjury that they never heard of that party or that incident. He then remarks that Ford cannot recall how she got to the party or where exactly it was. 

    • 22:22

      Kavanaugh: 'I Have Been in the Public Arena for 26 Years Without a Hint, a Whiff, of an Allegation Like This'

      This onslaught of allegations "does not ring true," Kavanaugh said. "I have never done this to anyone," he said, before breaking down in tears recalling his 10-year-old daughter's advice: "We've got to pray for the woman," when talking about Ford and her allegations.

      Kavanaugh says he has sympathy for his accuser, Ford, but that he is not her assaulter. "I am innocent of this charge."

    • 22:20

      Kavanaugh: 'I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone, Ever'

      Kavanaugh repeated his denials of allegations against him, saying he's never assaulted anyone. He also asserted that such allegations are serious and must be treated seriously, and recounted his experiences with women in his life who have experienced sexual misconduct. 

    • 22:19

      Kavanaugh: 'I Will Not Be Intimidated Into Withdrawing From This Process'

      The nominee called the confirmation process "a national disgrace."

    • 22:17

      Kavanaugh: Calls Sexual Assault Allegations a 'Tactic' 'Unleashed' When it Was Needed

      Kavanaugh tells the Senate Judiciary Committee that the allegations against him were only brought to light by some Senate Democrats after his confirmation hearing appeared to go well enough that he might earn a seat on the Supreme Court. He described the allegations as a "tactic" unleashed by Democrats when they found it necessary and called them "crazy stuff."

      He also said the allegations are an "orchestrated political hit" on him fueled by anger at US President Donald Trump's victory and "revenge on behalf of the Clintons."

      Such allegations will dissuade others from public service, he warns. 

    • 22:13

      Kavanaugh: I Know Any Investigation Will Clear Me

      "This confirmation process has become a national disgrace," Kavanaugh angrily tells the Senate chamber. He insists that any investigation into allegations against him will clear his name, and says the allegations have permanently ruined his good name and disrupted his family's peace. 

    • 22:11

      Kavanaugh: 'I Denied the Allegation Immediately, Categorically and Unequivocally'

      US Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has begun his prepared statement by saying he wrote the statement himself and recounting his denials of the allegations of sexual assault against him. He also railed against the 10-day delay between the allegation arising and the Senate hearing on it. 

    • 22:08

      Brett Kavanaugh Enters Senate Chamber to Face Questioning

    • 21:17

      Ford Questioning Ends, Hearing Recesses for 45 Minutes

    • 21:02

      Ford Asked About Classmate Who Connected Her With Accused Kavanaugh

      Responding to a corresponding question, Ford stated she "went out" with the person who connected her to Kavanaugh for a few months and they were "distant friends" after that.

    • 20:45

      Ford is Asked Who Paid for Her Polygraph, Her Attorneys Said Her Lawyers Paid for It.

    • 20:40

      Kavanaugh Accuser Says There is No Political Consideration Behind Her Allegations

    • 20:36

      Some Governors Call for Independent Investigation Into Issue

    • 20:07

      Ford Says She Wrote Letter to Feinstein Privately, No One Helped Her

    • 19:49

      People Reportedly Gather Outside of Capitol Building to Support Ford

    • 19:45

      Senate Judiciary Committee Recesses Kavanaugh Hearing for Half an Hour

    • 18:59
    • 18:58

      White House: US President Donald Trump is Watching Ford's Testimony on Board of Air Force One

    • 18:41

      Christine Blasey Ford Tells Congress She Feared Being Killed

      Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington
      © REUTERS / Pool/Win McNamee

      "I thought he might inadvertently kill me," Ford said. "He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing."

    • 18:18

      Ford Recalls That Strongest Memory She Has of Assault is "Uproarious Laughter" of Her Attackers

    • 18:08

      Ford Assured That Her Allegations Against Kavanaugh Couldn't Be Mistaken, "Absolutely Not"

      Christine Blasey Ford stated that she was "absolutely" sure that Kavanaugh was one of the assailants.

    • 17:56

      Questioning of Kavanaugh accuser Ford begins at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court nominee

    • 17:54

      Ford said that she 'agonized daily' over whether to come forward on Kavanaugh, fearing 'my single voice would be drowned out'

    • 17:46

      Christine Blasey Ford said: 'I believed he was going to rape me'

      She said that Kavanaugh held her down on a bed during a party with a few other high school kids and assaulted her, and put his hand over her mouth so she could not scream.

    • 17:41

      Kavanaugh accuser Ford, close to tears, describes sexual assault in testimony before senate judiciary committee

    • 17:40

      Christine Blasey Ford opens testimony to Senate panel: 'I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me'

    • 17:37

      Kavanaugh accuser 'terrified' but feels 'civic duty' to testify

    • 17:33

      Feinstein said that committee republicans tried to rush Ford into testimony, backed down after public outcry

      Dianne Feinstein added that this is not a trial of Dr. Ford, it's a job interview for judge Kavanaugh

    • 17:33

      Feinstein said that each of these allegations should be investigated by the FBI

    • 17:30

      Feinstein added that Republicans want to plow right through Kavanaugh confirmation despite new sexual misconduct allegations

    • 17:27

      Republican judiciary chairman Grassley said the panel had been trying to investigate other allegations against Kavanaugh

    • 17:26

      Top senate judiciary committee democrat Feinstein defends decision to hold Christine Blasey Ford's allegations confidential

    • 17:20

      Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley offers apology to Ford and Kavanaugh, urges 'show of civility' at hearing

    US Senate Opens Hearing on Sexual Assault Accusation Against Kavanaugh (VIDEO)
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