20:16 GMT26 November 2020
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    Michael Wolff’s citing of Trump’s campaign advisers’ opinion of him as “incompetent” and “insane” appears to now be busted by fresh claims from “PhD in Psychology” Gina Loudon, known in the lead-up to the 2016 elections as “Dr. Gina.”

    Gina Loudon, who presents herself as a member of the so-dubbed “Donald Trump for president Media Advisory Board,” has in turn spoken out against the explosive op-ed  in The New York Times on an alleged “treasonous” covert group in the White House, calling it part of the “Trump derangement syndrome.”  Appearing  on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show on September 5, she explained how knowledge of psychology came in handy when determining the head of state’s mental condition in her freshly released book titled “Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy.” 

    “My book actually uses science and real data and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House,” Loudon told Hannity, who readily struck back, bringing liberals’ most likely reaction to what was said: “their heads are going to explode,” Hannity quipped. Loudon, who refers to herself as “Doctor Gina” and is known to have been one of Trump’s most devoted on-air supporters during his 2016 campaign, quickly responded:

    “That’s the fun part of the madness is just watching them go crazy over the fact that he’s really pretty unfazed by them.”

    A short while after the book, which has so far attracted divided opinions on Amazon, saw the light of day, the president co-signed an endorsement previously issued by Kayleigh McEnany, the national spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. “Keep up the great work you do for the @realDonaldTrump movement, Gina!” she tweeted. Trump shared her post accompanying it with the appraisal:

    “Gina is Great!”

    Loudon, who describes herself as one of the first writers at Breitbart, a right-wing news site once led by Steve Bannon, said she has used her “psychological expertise” as part of the Trump administration’s fight against the opioid epidemic, according to the biography on her website.

    Although her doctorate degree in psychology has raised questions among a number of anti-Trumpers, who pointed to her LinkedIn profile stating that she takes scientific interest in “human development,” “body language interpretation and hypnotherapy.” However, Jason Browning, Loudon’s personal assistant, confirmed all of her degrees to be “in psychology” and adjacent spheres. Regnery Publishing has also lauded its client on Twitter as a “PhD level psychological expert.”

    According to Browning, in her book, Loudon attempts to justify her point of view that Trump is the “most sound-minded person” to take the reins of power, namely through a questionnaire that gives letters for character traits. She thereby made reference to a website called 16Personalities.com that lists the ENTJ type as “the Commander” empowered with “mad presidential skills,” according to the Daily Beast.

    Earlier, journalist Michael Wolff, in his hyped tell-all biography on Trump’s inner circle “Fire and Fury,” quoted Trump advisers who questioned the president's competence and raised insanity suspicions. US President Donald Trump said on his Twitter around that time that throughout all his life, one of his main qualities was mental stability and intelligence, labeling himself “a very stable genius.”



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