14:46 GMT +316 December 2019
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    View of logo of the Ford car factory in Genk, some 100kms north east of Brussels

    'Just the Beginning': Trump Praises Ford Dropping Deal With China Due to Tariffs

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    Earlier, Apple also reported problems as a result of the tariff war between Washington and Beijing, saying that the prices on some of its products will go up. The US president responded to the tech giant's statement by suggesting that it move all of its production back to the US.

    President Donald Trump has reacted to news that American automaker Ford Motors has scrapped a deal with China to sell small cars produced in the Asian country due to the high tariffs. According to Trump, the nixed deal is just the first sign that tariffs are working. He also suggested that Ford should start producing such cars domestically to avoid running into problems with the high tariffs.

    Previously, Apple announced that it will have to raise the prices on some of its production due to some of the parts being made in China and thus fall under the tariffs imposed by Washington. Trump responded to the news by suggesting an "easy solution": bringing the production of the parts back to the US, where they won't be subject to import taxes.

    The US and China have been engaged in a trade war since Washington imposed 25% and 10% tariffs on steel and aluminum, demanding that Beijing reset all of its tariffs on US goods to zero. China has responded by imposing its own 10% and 25% tariffs on various US goods. Washington is regularly expanding the list of Chinese goods affected by tariffs, with Beijing reciprocating accordingly. At the moment, over $500 billion worth of goods have been hit with tariffs on both sides.


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