20:56 GMT24 July 2021
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    The unnamed author of an opinion piece published by The New York Times has become the target of a mole hunt by the White House and the subject of a public guessing game being played out on television, online and in social media.

    A linguistic analysis of the text of an anonymous op-ed about members of President Trump’s inner circle conducted by WikiLeaks revealed that it was likely written by a middle-aged (58%) conservative (92%) male (66-87%).

    ​Wikileaks experts added that anonymous sources should protect themselves by using identity-hiding techniques.

    On Tuesday, The New York Times published an Opinion article by an unnamed Trump administration official who described “resistance” among his own advisers to parts of his agenda because they consider him to be “detrimental to the health of our republic.”

    President Trump responded by demanding that the newspaper immediately identify the author of the scandalous article by name, citing reasons of national security.

    “Treason?” Trump queried in a tweet posted shortly after the anonymous Twitter appeared in Wednesday’s issue of The New York Times.

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    High-ranking members of the administration have raced to distance themselves from the unsigned opinion piece which paints a picture of a White House in chaos, where officials deliberately work to thwart the president’s most dangerous impulses.

    The op-ed came hard on the heels of the publication of excerpts from an upcoming book by famous reporter Bob Woodward that portrayed Trump as being prone to impulsive decision-making.


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