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    US Media Warns About Influx of 'Multicultural' Members in Right-Wing Groups

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    Nonwhite members of right-wing groups have reportedly denounced the existence of “institutional racism” in the United States.

    A growing number of African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American youths in the United States are joining the ranks of right-wing groups that were traditionally considered white supremacist, The Daily Beast reported.

    According to the article’s author, such people insist that “institutional racism no longer exists in America,” and tend to blame African-American for “any lingering inequality” due to their alleged dependence on welfare and a lack of strong leadership.

    David Neiwert, author of "Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump," also claimed that right-wing groups target "white males between the ages of 15 and 30 with a message of male resentment, which ends up attracting black, Latino, and Asian men as well."

    He added that many such young men "grew up on conservative traditions common in minority communities."

    Daniel Martinez HoSang, associate professor at Yale University, also remarked that “multiculturalism has become a norm in society,” and that it has spread to conservatism and right-wing organizations as well.

    According to him, “people of color” who join right-wing groups help excuse “white racism” and make “white supremacy a more durable force.”

    ​"It’s hard for people to wrap their head around how Dr. King and civil-rights language are being used to legitimate positions approaching fascism and violence to restore hierarchy and order. But they are," HoSang surmised.


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