15:12 GMT01 December 2020
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    Having previously lambasted George W. Bush over the Iraqi war, Eminem has now shifted his attention to the current president, claiming Donald Trump has alerted the CIA over concerns he might be “linked to terrorists.”

    In the first track of his latest album Kamikaze, entitled The Ringer, Detroit old-school rapper Eminem appeared to accuse Donald Trump of summoning the Secret Service to probe him, thereby reiterating his last year’s freestyle rap at the BET Awards events.

    “These verses are making him a wee bit nervous

    And he’s too scared to answer me with words

    Cause he knows that he will lyrically get murdered

    But I know at least he’s heard it

    Cause Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service

    To meet in person

    To see if I really think of hurtin’ him

    Or ask if I’m linked to terrorists,” the lyrics say.

    He separately ponders upon his strong and emotional wording for a freestyle last year,  when he referred to the American president as a “Kamikaze,” asserting “that he’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust ” and inviting his army of fans to split over their political beliefs, either “for or against” the president. This time he opts to backtrack a bit:

    “But if I could go back, I’d at least reword it

    And say I empathize with the people of this evil serpent

    Sold the dream to that he’s deserted,” Eminem raps in the tune.

     He then moves on to comical lyrical references to entertain his listeners by mocking Vice President Mike Pence and rapper Lil Yachty.

    “Bang it with a pipe wrench

    While I take my b*** s*** and flick it like a light switch

    Like Vice President Mike Pence

    …These are things that I’d rather do than hear you on a mic.”

    In another track from the surprise album, which came out just months after his previous much-publicized project Revival, he makes reference to the simmering Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, which broke out two years ago:

    “I Harvey Weinstein, a bathrobe hanging open / My code name is groper, I roleplay with lotion / I fucked on the world then I throw away the Trojan.”

    Political dissing in nothing new for Eminem, since the Real Slim Shady artist frequently uses his professional platform to lash out at politicians, including former president George W. Bush over the war in Iraq and vast military spending.

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