00:34 GMT12 August 2020
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    Video has emerged of of Texas police officers using a taser on an autistic teenager next to his own yard.

    As Sputnik reported previously, 19-year-old Michael Moore was throwing rocks in a yard near his home in late June when police approached him, beginning an interaction that would end up with the teen, who was committing no crime, on the receiving end of a stun gun. 

    The newly released footage, which shows the encounter unfold from both officers' points of view, shows Moore running toward officers as they beckon him. 

    The young man is clearly nervous in the video, and attempts to be compliant with officers' demands, repeatedly saying things like, "I'm OK," "This is not a big deal," and "I'm just a normal teen."

    The young man also apologizes several times, and asks, "I'm not arrested, am I?" and "This isn't a big deal, is it?"

    ​Moore is tackled by officers at about 3:58 minutes into the video after he is unable to follow an officer's instructions to follow a pen with his eyes. The officers tackled the confused man to the ground. Moore intermittently yells "I'm sorry," and "get off of me," as officers warn "I'm going to hit you again" and "you're about to get tased." Moore calls for his mother.

    In a Facebook post, the Graham Police Department wrote "It is our opinion that our officer made a judgement call based on the limited information available, as the job forces them to do every day. Based on the situation and presentation of Mr. Moore, the responding officer believed him to be under the influence of controlled substances."

    The officers will not be disciplined, the department said. 


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