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    US House IT Aide Solicited Bribe for Contract With Dem Congresswoman – Reports

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    Imran Awan, of Pakistani origin, had been working as an IT contractor in the US Congress since 2000 and is reportedly responsible for a security breach on computers belonging to the Democrats, as well as rampant cronyism, bank fraud and falsifying invoices. Despite possible data leaks, the Democrats didn't press charges against the contractor.

    An anonymous IT vendor working with Congress has revealed in an interview with The Daily Caller (TDC) that Democratic IT aide Imran Awan had allegedly helped him obtain a contract with the office of then-Congresswoman Gwen Graham by means of a cash bribe.

    "Imran said, 'There is this new member from Florida named Graham, let's make a deal and I'll get you into this office,'" the IT vendor reportedly said.

    The TDC's source also noted that Awan must have held considerable sway over members of Congress, as they "did his exact bidding by 8 a.m.," whenever he requested. The IT vendor also suggested that congressmen were very loyal to the Democratic IT aide and would never change him for anyone else, even if they were offered a better price.

    "I'd say I'd do [services] for a quarter of [what Congressmen were paying Imran] and they'd say no," the source said.

    According to the media outlet, the Department of Justice is aware of information that the anonymous IT vendor possesses, but the vendor said that no one had contacted him for an interview or testimony.

    Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Graham took office in 2015 and left in 2017. She is currently running for the office of Florida governor and her communications director, Matt Harringer, declined to comment on whether the letter with the job offer for the anonymous IT vendor was authentic or forged by Awan.

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    Official payroll records indicate that Gwen Graham had indeed hired Imran Awan for only $93, but they also reveal that she hired his brother, then 21-year-old Jamal Awan, paying him $20,000 a year, according to TDC.

    Imran Awan was arrested in July 2017 for bank fraud as he attempted to leave the US, but he is also suspected of having been involved in a cyber-security breach of servers belonging to the Democratic Caucus. The data-leak from the breach preceded WikiLeaks' scandalizing publication of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee's servers in 2016, which allegedly impacted the presidential election's outcome.

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    After Imran Awan had worked for several years as an IT contractor in Congress, several of his relatives and friends were also hired with the highest possible salaries by numerous Democrats in Congress, including his wife and brother. One of them was later suspected of stealing $120,000 worth of equipment from Democratic Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's office. The Committee on House Administration also suspected Awan and his relatives of forging the invoices for tech equipment in order to avoid filing them with the legitimate authorities so that they could later steal it.


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