22:39 GMT10 April 2021
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    Senator Bernie Sanders mixed up the two presidents as he talked about the immigration issue on TV.

    One of the trademarks of US President Donald Trump speeches is him constantly comparing himself to former president Barack Obama — always in a favor of himself, of course. Telling the audience how Obama administration has done everything wrong and how Trump is going to fix it has become one of the pillars of his political program — up to the point where Trump's critics say 45 is actually "trying to undo Obama's presidency," as Joe Biden said, for example, earlier in February.

    However, maybe the two presidents are not that much different after all — at least, they turned out to be similar enough for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to mix them up.

    "So what we need is comprehensive immigration reform," he said as he talked at CNN's State of the Union TV show Sunday.

    "We need Obama — we need Trump now — to make it clear that the United States of America is not a nation which tears children from their parents," he argued without flinching at his slip of the tongue.

    "We need to go about dealing with comprehensive immigration reform," he continued, as the TV host went on to his next question.

    Earlier this week, US President Trump signed an executive order that ended the practice of putting children of undocumented immigrants to processing centers from which they were to be transferred to next of kin or a sponsor (or be returned back to country of origin). Under new policy, the children of illegal migrants will be kept with their parents in detention facilities provided by the Pentagon and other government agencies.


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