04:33 GMT02 December 2020
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    The database was allegedly compiled by a Twitter user, named Sam Lavigne and previously published on several platforms, such as Github and Medium, but was ultimately taken down by the sites.

    The WikiLeaks created domain, hosting the notorious database of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees, was compiled using information from open sources. The link to the database was posted on WikiLeaks' twitter, where it noted that the data had been provided to the social network voluntarily.

    The database contains personal information on ICE employees, including their names, job history, photos and even addresses.

    The database was compiled by the Twitter user, named Sam Lavigne, using data from the LinkedIn social network. He published it on different resources such as Medium and Github, but they were all taken down by their respective administrations. Despite it, the data base was spread among internet users, including members of such notorious organizations as the Antifa movement, with one of its branches also reposting the ICE database.

    A "zero tolerance" policy, introduced in April 2018, led to a practice of forcibly separating the children of illegal migrant from their parents by border guards. US President Trump issued an executive order stopping this practice on June 20.

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    The policy generated massive public outrage against the Trump administration. The US president had previously insisted that the Department of Homeland Security was strictly following the law in its actions and urged Congress to change the situation by closing "loopholes" in legislation that migrants actively use in order to stay in the country.


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