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    Crystal Davis and her cousin Santanna Neal had entered a Walgreens drug store in Florida to shop only to be immediately followed by store security, the two say. After they purchased their items, three officers “rushed” them in what they call a clear case of racial profiling.

    Cell phone footage shared by Neal shows an officer rifling through one of the women's purses for nearly two minutes, closely inspecting many items and even opening a pill bottle in a vain attempt to find stolen goods.

    "As soon as we walked in the store, we kept hearing the alerts, 'Security check the floor," Davis told ABC Local 10. "Whoever alerted for security to check the floor definitely profiled us. Maybe [from] a racial standpoint."

    ​Davis said that after three officers of the Miramar Police Department "rushed" them, telling her and her cousin that they'd received a complaint of theft, she immediately handed over her bag and receipt, asking "How?" The police department also said that the women voluntarily handed their bags over and that they didn't find any stolen items. 

    Walgreens says that they've since been in contact with the women, but Davis has a public message for the drug store chain: when they accuse customers of shoplifting "be sure, because if they didn't steal that item, you know, it attacks our character."

    The store says that they can't respond to the situation immediately because they need to take a closer look at the issue, according to ABC.

    While the store manager at the time was also black, Davis says it doesn't mean that she wasn't racially profiled. "Your race doesn't mean anything," she said. "I can racially profile against another black person. You can be racially profiled against your own kind. We weren't the only ones in the store, but we were being followed. We were harassed and they had no proof of anything."


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