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    Baboon escapes from crate at Texas' San Antonio International Airport on Monday, May 21, 2018.

    Great Ape Escape: Baboon Flees Crate, Runs Wild at San Antonio Airport (VIDEO)

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    A baboon created chaos on Monday after escaping from its crate at the San Antonio International Airport and going on the lam for roughly two hours before being shot with a tranquilizer, according to local media reports.

    The monkey reportedly made its great escape from its crate after the American Airlines flight it was on landed in San Antonio, Texas.

    ​According to a release from airport officials, the baboon was "en route to a local animal sanctuary and refuge in the San Antonio area [when it] inadvertently became free of his cage." The statement went on to say that airport officials were working with the San Antonio Zoo to remedy the situation. The runaway baboon has since been apprehended.

    Video shared online of the incident shows the baboon walking around an isolated baggage area where animals are checked after coming off a flight, Fox San Antonio reported.

    ​After some monkeying around, the baboon was ultimately shot with a tranquilizer.

    The situation has, of course, caused netizens glee.

    ​This marks the second time this year that the Lone Star State dealt with some serious monkey business. As Sputnik previously reported, four research baboons escaped from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in late April after building a makeshift ladder to bust out of the research facility.


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