13:44 GMT22 February 2020
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    A-list film director Oliver Stone has attended a press conference at the 36th International Fajr Film Festival (FIFF) in Tehran, where he delivered a rant on US foreign policy.

    When Iranian journalists asked Stone who he would compare US President Donald Trump to in cinema, the three-time Oscar winner picked a graphic metaphor – Beelzebub, the biblical demonic figure.

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    Stone went on to slam the political course the United States has taken, particularly in the Middle East.

    “The wars continue because America says to itself, ‘ha, well we made a mess of Iraq maybe, but you know what, that works. Because if we make a mess out of Syria and we make a mess out of Libya, and we have terrorists everywhere, and we have migrations of massive amounts of people, it’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll wreck the Middle East. […] And it doesn’t matter who’s president whether it’s Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama, or Mr. Trump,” the director told reporters.

    He proceeded to say that the United States would “break any treaty it has to, to get what it wants,” adding that “we’re doing something that is outlawed internationally, we had no permission to invade Iraq from the UN, we did it, and we continue to do this.”

    The legendary filmmaker visited Iran for the first time for a press conference with Iranian journalists during the 36th International Fajr Film Festival at the Charsu Cineplex.

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    Oliver Stone has repeatedly criticized the United States’ foreign policies, intelligence services, Western media, as well as President Trump’s approach towards some states. His well-known movie, “The Untold History of the United States,” addresses Washington’s involvement in the Middle East, tracing it back to its climax – Kuwait’s liberation after the Iraqi invasion in 1990.

    “We never got out of there. Once we were in, we’re forever in. We’ve destabilized the entire region, created chaos. And then we blame ISIS [Daesh] for the chaos we created,” he told Middle East Eye in a 2015 interview.


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