12:29 GMT30 November 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spent $12 million in federal spending hiring private consultants to redesign the Department of State, media reported on Thursday.

    The State Department has spent $12 million on private consultants, including in some cases services billed at $300 an hour, Politico reported citing material it obtained and confirmed in part by the State Department.

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    Most of the money went to the consulting firm Deloitte, which is under a pre-existing federal contract that allows up to $265 million in spending.

    Tillerson launched a redesign initiative as part of President Donald Trump's goal to cut by a third the nearly $60 billion spent annually to fund the State Department, the report said.

    An estimated 90 consultants worked on the redesign initiative, the report noted.

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    In March, Rex Tillerson was ousted from the post of the State Secretary. The president emphasized that he had made the decision to sack Tillerson himself, adding that he felt "Mr. Tillerson will be much happier now." and confirmed that while he and Secretary Tillerson "got along…quite well," they disagreed on a number of issues, including the Iran nuclear deal.


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