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    March 3, 2002 file photo shows a member of the public watching a US Air Force B 52 bomber arriving at RAF Fairford in western England. Pushing his vision of a nuclear weapons-free world, President Barack Obama returned to Prague on Thursday, April 8, 2010 to sign a pivotal treaty aimed at sharply paring U.S. and Russian arsenals — and repairing soured relations between the nations. With that, they will commit their nations to slash the number of strategic nuclear warheads by one-third and more than halve the number of missiles, submarines and bombers carrying them, pending ratification by their legislatures. The new treaty will shrink those warheads to 1,550 over seven years. That still allows for mutual destruction several times over. But it will send a strong signal that Russia and the U.S., which between them own more than 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons, are serious about disarmament.

    Trump Vows to Boost Up US Nuclear Capabilities

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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States is modernizing its nuclear arsenal because its capabilities must be far superior to any other country, President Donald Trump said in a speech in San Diego, California.

    "We're also modernizing our nuclear capabilities and rebuilding our nuclear infrastructure," Trump said on Tuesday. "We have to be so far ahead of any other country."

    However, Trump called nuclear weapons a capability the US government should never think about using. He said the United States has no choice but to be prepared for anything.

    Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin told parliament that Russia had developed a number of advanced weapons, including intercontinental underwater drones, a prospective hypersonic missile and nuclear-powered cruise missiles. The president stressed that Russia had not violated any arms treaties and had no plans to attack anyone.

    Following Putin's speech, a group of US senators said the State Department should start a new round of strategic talks with Russia as soon as possible and discuss ways to increase transparency on non-strategic nuclear weapons.


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