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    Russian Embassy Points at Worsening Conditions for Media in US

    © Sputnik / Igor Russak
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The registration of RIA Global LLC, a US company producing content for Sputnik news agency, as a "foreign agent" under FARA shows that the conditions for the operation of media in the United States are deteriorating, a spokesperson of the Russian Embassy in the United States told Sputnik.

    "Our journalists have no choice here. They are working in the country, where slogans do not match the deeds. The conditions for the operation [of media outlets] are constantly deteriorating. Human rights organizations, which should have intervened on their behalf, did not do this," the spokesperson said.

    "There should be no doubts that retaliatory — adequate and proportionate — measures will follow," the spokesperson added.

    Last month, the US Department of Justice has demanded that RIA Global LLC must register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, saying that the obligation comes from company's "political activities in the United States".

    Several Russian outlets have come under pressure in the United States, as lawmakers and intelligence community claimed that the media may have been involved in Russia’s alleged 2016 US presidential election meddling.

    Earlier, RT America and Sputnik Radio's partner Reston Translator that rebroadcasts radio programs had to register as a foreign agent in the United States under the FARA, after Justice Department's request.


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