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    Essie Grundy (L) sits beside attorney Gloria Allred as they announce their race discrimination lawsuit against retail giant Walmart in Los Angeles, California on January 26, 2018

    Walmart Store Locks Items from African-American Customers, Faces Racism Lawsuit

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    Essie Grundy has found the store’s policy on African-American goods racist, making her feel that she is being treated like a thief. Walmart says additional security is implemented on a store-by-store basis and only when needed.

    A Walmart store in Perris, California has found itself in the middle of a lawsuit for racism, after a local African-American citizen, Essie Grundy, left the store discontent with its security measures.

    The problem is that all the beauty items for African-Americans were locked behind a glass case, even the $0.48 comb that Essie was going to buy. But if that was not embarrassing enough for her, after a store employee helped her get what she needed, she was escorted directly to the registers.

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    “I felt that I was being treated as a person who might be a thief,” Essie says, sharing her experience in the Walmart, adding that she doesn’t want her kids or any other children to be treated like that in the future, which is why she is filing the suit against the store. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, said during a press conference assembled to announce the suit, that such a practice perpetuates the stereotype that African-Americans “should be suspected of being thieves and criminals.”

    A company representative claimed in a conversation with local news company Eyewitness News, that cosmetics, as well as many other groups of goods, require additional security, which is implemented on a store-by-store basis, only when needed and ensured that the decisions are made based on data that the company gets from its respective stores.

    Twitter had various reactions to the news of Essie’s negative experience at Walmart. While some believe the company must be held accountable for such a policy…

    …others expressed understanding towards such security measures being implemented in the store.

    Recently, the Swedish clothing giant H&M faced racism accusations after a scandal broke out over its controversial ad campaign featuring a black boy wearing a hoodie with the text “coolest monkey in the jungle” on it. The company was forced to issue an apology, but still lost some of the promotional contracts it had.


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