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    The 'Nothing Burger' CNN is Obsessed With: Reporters Expose Broadcaster's Agenda

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    A CNN political reporter revealed that despite the news channel’s apparent obsession with Russia, American voters do not particularly care about these stories of alleged election meddling and ‘collusion’.

    During her appearance on the show Inside Politics, on Sunday, CNN’s Maeve Reston remarked that people in the United States don’t seem to be particularly concerned about Moscow’s alleged meddling in the countries’ politics, even though the news network only seems to talk about the Russia investigation.

    "Remember, even in 2016 when we went out to these swing states and talked to voters, there was still this fear that things were suddenly going to turn down again. You don't feel that as much anymore, and I'm so interested to see how the Russia investigation affects things, because so far, out in these districts when you talk to people about Russia, and that's all we talk about at CNN basically, they say they don't care," she said.

    According to her, this lack of interest in these stories stems from the fact that the so called ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy simply "doesn’t have any effect on their lives."

    One Serving of Nothing Burger

    Reston’s sentiment echoed those of other CNN employees, who revealed exactly how substantial the claims of alleged Russian collusion are.

    Earlier in 2017 CNN political commentator Van Jones openly told a Project Veritas (PV) reporter that "this Russia thing is just a big nothing burger."

    CNN supervising producer John Bonifield also told PV that "this whole Russia sh*t" is "mostly bullsh*t right now" and that there was not "any big giant proof." When asked why the news channel is so focused on all things Russian, Bonifield bluntly replied, "because it’s ratings… Our ratings are incredible right now."

    Fake News Award Favorite

    Last week US President Donald Trump unveiled a list of media outlets that have won the so-called "fake news" award for their erroneous coverage of his presidency, with CNN ranking third with a story alleging that Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

    READ MORE: Top 5 'Russia Collusion' Stories That Didn't Make It to Trump's Fake News Awards

    While the news channel did not win the ‘gold medal’ – with the first and the second places going to The New York Times’ Paul Krugman and ABC News respectively – CNN became the "favorite" in the list, appearing four times.

    Ever since he assumed the office in January 2017, US President Trump has been engaged in a war of words with several prominent US media outlets including CNN, which accused him of being in cahoots with the Kremlin. Trump has repeatedly denied these allegations and labeled the media agencies involved as ‘fake news’ – a term that has been named the Word of the Year 2017 by Collins Dictionary.


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