15:57 GMT24 November 2020
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    On the town ‘cuz you’re all shut down? Time to kill ‘cuz your work is nil?

    C'mon down to your fav DC watering hole, where we've got specials to make you forget you've been laid off without a paycheck while well-heeled and well-paid legislators in hand-tailored suits bicker over bipartisan bull***t before heading home in chauffeured sedans to houses in the country.

    Bars and restaurants in Washington DC are feeling the agony of close on a million federal employees and are doing their part by offering specials on drinks and food to tide workers over, or at least get them to forget for awhile budgetary woes of a personal nature.

    According to reports, local hangouts are offering themed drinks, including five-dollar Durbin Sodas, icey To Flake or Not to Flakes and the hilariously-named C'mon Chuck at the Capitol Lounge, just blocks down the street from the White House.

    Bring your valid (for how long?) government ID and you too may be tossing back 30-percent-off draft pints at the Brit-themed Queen Vic, all-day happy-hour deals at Carmine's NYC — including an extra meatball with every order! — and all-damn-night happy hour at Wisdom, according to Politico.

    Z-Burger will reportedly offer a free burger on Monday to anyone with a government ID, and the Roofers Union restaurant has shaved 50 percent off of the price of their Trump-themed drinks: the Trumpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall and the Orange Toddler, according to The Hill.

    You don't know where your next paycheck is coming from, but at least you can make what you have left take you further down the road to chemical forgetfulness.

    Good night and good luck to all of you.


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