04:58 GMT31 May 2020
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    Accused of stealing thousands of dollars and impersonating a doctor, Florida man Malachi Love-Robinson pleaded guilty to the charges Thursday and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

    Love-Robinson, was who arrested February 2016 at the age of 18, will also get credit for already having served 483 days in jail, the Miami Herald reported. However, once his sentence is over he is expected to pay $80,000 to patients he "treated."

    ​The wannabe doctor first came under suspicion by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office in 2015 after a police officer submitted a report alleging that Love-Robinson "peeked" in on a gynecological exam at the St.Mary's Medical Center. Love-Robinson later told reporters that he was "deeply saddened and a little disrespected" by the officer's claims.

    According to the Sun Sentinel, Love-Robinson opened a clinic in Florida's Boynton Beach area a few months after the police officer submitted his report, but was forced to close it down after the Sunshine State's Department of Health issued him a cease-and-desist order since he didn't have a medical license. That clinic was in operation for nearly a month.

    In a meeting with state investigators, Love-Robinson later admitted that a diploma from Arizona State University he kept at the clinic was false, but that he did have an degree from an online Christian school. Per Love-Robinson, if patients at the clinic required drugs of any sort, a licensed doctor on staff would be called into the matter.

    However, investigators ultimately concluded that his role "went too far" and that he was "leading the public to believe [he] was a licensed medical doctor, without holding an active license," the Sentinel reported.

    Despite his meetings with investigators, Love-Robinson once more took up the charade of being a doctor at an office called The New Birth New Life Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Unlike Love-Robinson's clinic days, there was no one at this establishment licensed to diagnose or treat patients — including, of course, himself.

    Once local law enforcement officials were tipped off that Love-Robinson was playing doctor again, he was arrested for allegedly conducting an exam on an undercover officer.

    "Love-Robinson has a history of presenting himself as a medical doctor and was previously Baker Acted by the city of West Palm Beach Police Department," the arresting officer wrote in the police report.

    "Baker Acted" refers to a law in Florida which allows individuals suffering from a mental illness to be involuntarily committed to an institution for 72 hours for an evaluation and treatment, if required.

    Following his arrest he was also charged with stealing $34,504 during home visits to an 86-year-old woman who he was treating for severe stomach pain, the Sentinel noted.

    But the Love-Robinson ordeal still wasn't over.

    While free on a $26,000 bond, he was arrested in Virginia for trying to buy a car using his grandmother's personal information without her permission.Though the Old Dominion judge initially imposed a 10-year sentence, it was later lowered to one.

    Love-Robinson was serving out his Virginia sentence when he pleaded guilty to the Florida charges.


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