11:13 GMT25 January 2020
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    An automated robot avatar of US President Donald Trump at Disney’s Hall of Presidents was the site of a protest this week mocking the Republican’s campaign trope to “lock up” Hillary Clinton.

    "I protested Donald Trump at the #hallofpresidents cuz I'll never get this close in real life probs. #lockhimup," netizen @JayMalsky tweeted Wednesday evening.

    ​Fox News host and Trump backer Sean Hannity told his Twitter followers, "WATCH: Deranged LIBERAL Protests Trump Robot at Disney World, Terrifies Children," to which @JayMalsky responded, "this is a big compliment coming from a deranged corporate-bot who spends every night terrifying Americans into voting against their own interests."

    Speaking to ThemeParkUniversity.com, Malsky, a New York comedian, explained his actions and why it was worth briefly disrupting other Disney World visitors' trip to the Magic Kingdom.

    Trump "is a madman with fascist tendencies who has persuaded millions of middle-class Americans to vote against their own interests. I figured a bunch of them would be at this ride and wanted to show their kids what a protest looks like before Trump murders democracy," Malsky said.

    "If people are upset that I disrupted their family vacation, I hope they'll think about the thousands of children being taken away from their parents because of Trump's racist immigration policies, or the parents of the hundreds of trans people murdered each year by transphobic and homophobic people, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor and middle-income Americans. I encourage anyone outraged that I interrupted a ride at Disney to check their privilege," he added.

    Malsky was escorted from the performance by a Disney security guard. The guard was "nice" and "we talked about Patton Oswalt," Malsky said.

    "Disney security is amazing and they do a great job protecting the millions of people who frequent their parks every day. They could not have been more professional and courteous to me once they made sure I wasn't a legitimate threat to anyone," the protester explained.

    "If I'd been there I would've post his bail," Oswalt said on Twitter Friday. "Or at least bought him a corndog."


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