11:08 GMT08 July 2020
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    Facebook has been using artificial intelligence (AI) for some time with a vision that it "can play big role in helping bring the world closer together."

    The social media network has presented a new AI-powered face recognition service to make the life of the visually impaired easier. From now on people who lost their sight might be able to “see” images thanks to text-to-audio software and facial recognition technology.

    Matt King, a blind engineer working at Facebook as an accessibility specialist, said, “What we’re doing with AI is making it possible for anybody to enjoy the experience.”

    The company is also planning to help identify text in memes for the visually impaired, albeit it is still going to take some time.

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    There are more improvements for the sighted, too. The new system allows it to crack down on imposters. In the event someone is impersonating you, Facebook will notify you that someone has posted your photo as their profile picture. Besides that, thanks to the updated version you will learn if someone has uploaded a photo of you after alcohol-fueled parties; and while suffering from hangover you will even be able to see untagged pictures of your face on your friends’ news feed and ask them to take them down.

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