10:16 GMT18 May 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - White House National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton could not confirm that US President Donald Trump had read all 55 pages of his first National Security Strategy (NSS).

    "The president has been involved in the drafting of it from the beginning and has been presented with sections of it over the past many months and was briefed on the final document several weeks ago. The president himself personally led the presentation of the document to his cabinet only about a week ago. I cannot say that he has read every line and every word," Anton told the CNN broadcaster in a live interview on Monday.

    According to Anton, the new strategy is based on Trump's ideas expressed and key speeches made both during and after his election campaign, and this document "is a summation of everything that he has been talking about for at least the last two years."

    The new US National Security Strategy, announced by Donald Trump on Monday, reflects the president's "America first" position and is aimed at returning the country to "unrivaled power," with four main principles: protecting the US populace and the homeland; promoting US prosperity; preserving "peace through strength" and a strong military; and increasing US influence abroad.

    According to the document, Washington considers Russian and Chinese ambitions, the nuclear and missile potential of Iran and North Korea, as well as international terrorism to be key threats to the US and global security.

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    At the same time, Trump announced that the US would pursue a "great partnership" with China and Russia, but would do so in a manner that protects US national security.

    Commenting on the doctrine, the Kremlin said that it couldn't agree with the US stance, claiming that the country poses a threat to US security, but pointed out the positive aspects of the document, such as the readiness for cooperation with Russia in areas of interest for the US side.


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