16:41 GMT23 September 2020
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    Sikander Imran, a doctor working in Virginia, wasn't exactly thrilled when he discovered that his on-and-off girlfriend was pregnant, she says.

    "He didn't want to have a baby, so he tried to talk me into having an abortion… which I didn't want to do," Brooke Fiske told WROC.

    According to Fiske, she was roughly 17 weeks pregnant when she decided to head over to his home and tell him the news. By this time, the baby was about the size of a turnip.

    But after arriving at Imran's residence and discussing plans for how the child would be raised, disaster came in the form of a cup of tea, Fiske says.

    "When I was drinking my tea in the evening I got to the bottom of the cup," Fiske told WISH-TV. "There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up."

    However, what Fiske wasn't aware of was that the "gritty substance" was misoprostol, a drug used to induce labor.

    A few hours after ingesting the tainted tea her one-time boyfriend had given her, the mom-to-be began to have contractions. As that happened, Iman "immediately started crying and said that he was a horrible person and that he had done what I thought he did," Fiske told the outlet.

    Though Fiske, who had gone into early labor, was rushed to the Virginia Hospital Center, it was ultimately not enough to save her unborn child.

    A hospital official later notified the mother that her tests showed she had 800 milligrams of misoprostol in her system.

    "According to the nurse at the hospital, it's 200 milligrams to induce labor," Fiske said.

    The last time Fiske saw Imran was in June when she first spoke in court about the incident.

    "It was very empowering for me to face him and say what he had done… and look him in the face while I said that," she added.

    According to court documents, Imran was charged with cause of abortion and premeditated killing of a fetus of another, the New York Post reported. Though he was expected to start trial on Wednesday, officials rescheduled his appearance to March 12 as more charges will be added.


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