21:24 GMT02 March 2021
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    Igniting the interests of conspiracy theorists, UFO investigators Tim Doyle and Tracey Sue released new footage of "an incredible double sonic boom" and "wild activity" by what they identified as US fighter jets near the infamous Area 51.

    The video, posted to the investigators' YouTube page, UFO Seekers, shows Doyle driving toward the back gate road of Area 51, stopping just a few feet from the entrance before turning back and setting up shop near "the weather station near Rachel, Nevada."

    "A lot of rumors have been circulating about stealth aircraft testing at Area 51," Doyle ominously tells viewers, as footage of what appear to be F-22 Raptor fighters flying the skies plays. "We also received a report from the son of a truck driver who supposedly delivers to Area 51… he himself witnessed a triangle shaped object."

    As one of the jets speeds out of the frame, two sonic booms are heard.

    "All of a sudden a double sonic boom rang out in the valley," Doyle said in the video, before adding that "the skies were lit up that day."

    Though Doyle didn't offer much speculation as to what was behind the noises or the "wild activity" of fighters making their rounds up above, some netizens did.

    "I think the regular fighter jets, F22's etc were there as a distraction to cover for the real testing of experimental Hypersonic aircraft," Matt Smith wrote in the video's comment section. "The burst of flame you captured is possible evidence of some type of Scram/ Ram Jet type technology, may be the cause of the double Sonic Boom?"

    Another commenter, who, we must point out, might be waiting a long, long time, said, "still waiting for the day for NASA and the whole world to officially tell us that extraterrestrial aliens have been living with us this whole time and that they are real."

    But not everyone was so kind to Doyle and Sue.

    "So instead of UFO Seekers….I dub thee…Plane Spotters," a commenter, clearly not a fan, wrote. "And don't forget to add more of ‘And he got reports of….' which mean nothing and probably made up by you lol."

    Despite the skeptics, the investigators say their work involves "no actors, no film crew, no re-takes, and no setup scenarios."


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