21:17 GMT +318 October 2019
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    Trump Lifts Ban on Imports of Zimbabwe Elephant Trophies Into US

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    The move is the latest in a series of Trump's decisions outdoing Obama's policies.

    WASHINGTON  (Sputnik) — The administration of President Donald Trump has officially lifted a ban on bringing to the United States the remains of elephants hunted in Zimbabwe within a specified three-year time period.

    Based on findings about the elephant population, the US government will consider applications to ship in trophies obtained during the time period determined by the authorities to "have met the enhancement requirement."

    Former President Barack Obama suspended imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe in 2014, because elephants were included in a list of endangered species and protected under appropriate laws, with the ban not restricting US hunters from visiting the African country and taking part in hunting the animals.

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    The Trump administration has also decided to reverse the policy on trade of animal trophies in Zambia. After media has revealed Trump's plan to lift the ban, it has been widely criticized by the general public and environmental protection groups, who had accused the US leader of disrupting efforts to end the global ivory trade.

    According to the great elephant census of 2016, the overall population of elephants in Zimbabwe was down 6 percent and down 74 percent within Sebungwe region.


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