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    Stolen US Cyberweapons Could Spark Conflict With Rival Powers - Ex-NSA Analyst

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    Stolen US cyberweapons capable of masquerading as entities from other countries could be used to spark military tensions with rival states, former National Security Agency (NSA) senior analyst J. Kirk Wiebe told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The NSA has been deeply shaken by a massive infiltration that resulted in the theft of cyberweapons by unidentified hackers, US media reported on Sunday.

    "Depending on how they function, the worst case would seem to be a cyberweapon that provides hackers with the capability to spoof a person or an organization," Wiebe said. "The miscues this kind of capability could sow in the minds of potential adversaries could create strong political, even military tensions."

    The stolen weapons could allow hackers to masquerade as representing a government, company or major organization from one country while they were in fact working from and operating on behalf of another one to stir up international tensions and conflict, Wiebe warned.

    That kind of capability could threaten the stability of international relations around the world, he cautioned.

    Last year, the Shadow Brokers hacking group obtained a number of NSA tools to spy on other countries and issued actual codes for some of these tools. Those responsible for the massive security breach have not been found yet.


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