08:13 GMT13 April 2021
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    New York Truck Attack (28)

    Two detectives from the New York Police Department were charged with rape, kidnapping and official misconduct Monday for their alleged assault of a handcuffed 18-year-old girl.

    The 50-count indictment against detectives Edward Martins and Richard Hall reveals that the two NYPD officers were working as part of the Brooklyn South Narcotics squad in a Coney Island neighborhood when the incident took place on September 15.

    According to court documents, the officials took the teenager into custody after finding small traces of marijuana in her car. Once placed inside the police van, she was informed that within the next few hours she would be released.

    After telling the teen's friends to not follow the van, 37-year-old Martins sat down next to the woman in the back of the van and asked her what she was willing to do in order to avoid being arrested. Martins then reportedly proceeded to pull out his penis and force the teen to perform oral sex. The same police official then removed the teen's pants and raped her, according to detailed accounts prosecutor Frank DeGaetano shared with the court.

    Throughout the encounter with Martins, 34-year-old Hall watched the events unfold through a rearview mirror as the woman cried and pleaded with Martins to cease.

    But things didn't stop. After driving four miles away from the initial pick-up spot, Hall and Martins switched places — the woman was then forced to perform oral sex for the second time. The woman was later let go roughly five blocks away from a nearby police precinct, the New York Times reported.

    Urged to go to the hospital by friends, the woman had a rape kit conducted. The DNA samples collected matched both detectives.

    Though Martins and Hall both pleaded not guilty to the accusations. Their lawyers claimed the allegations were "uncorroborated" and hinted that the assault was consensual, according to the Times.

    "We don't believe that the story that the young woman was forcibly raped is supported by any credible evidence whatsoever," Mark Bederow, Martins' lawyer, told AP. Bederow later told the Times that he had "substantial information" that suggests the teenager has a "financial" motive pushing her to lie about the September attack.

    "It is shocking and unfortunate that they would blame a teenager for the acts of their clients," Eric Gonzalez, the acting Brooklyn district attorney, told the Times. "To think that these are grown men in a position of power over an 18-year-old, and for them to blame her, is ridiculous and demeaning. To my mind it speaks to desperation."

    Both are currently suspended from the force. Martins and Hall were released on bail for $250,000 and $150,000, respectively.

    New York Truck Attack (28)


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