23:52 GMT01 October 2020
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    The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announces it's recruiting Russian-speaking employees whose language skills are needed in order to "unveil the truth". What truth the CIA intends to reveal remains unclear.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is seeking Russian-speaking employees interested in national security, according to a statement issued on the agency's Twitter on Friday.

    "Speak Russian? US citizen with a college degree? Interest in national security? Your skills are needed here," the agency said in a Twitter post.

    The attached picture said in Russian "do you know what you can do as a CIA linguist" and "unveil the truth."

    According to the "Careers & Internships" section of the CIA website, the agency is also recruiting language officers with a native level of fluency in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and other languages.

    In March, the German Optronic HR company announced the recruitment of Russian speakers for the NATO drills involving US troops. A US army representative then told Sputnik that the war games were not rehearsals for specific combat scenarios, but rather were designed to train troops to deal with civilians from different countries while executing various missions.


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