10:02 GMT15 April 2021
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    President Trump invited an avalanche of online ridicule with Twitter users far and wide skewering him for mistakenly referring to Namibia, a country in southern Africa, as "Nambia" while meeting with African leaders at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

    The White House rushed to quickly clarify that Trump meant "Namibia", but it was too late to prevent a viral tsunami from crashing down on US leader.

    The video of Trump saying that "Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient” took the Internet by storm.

    Viral Tsunami

    One Twitter user ventured an opinion that the mysterious "Nambia" was full of golf courses of which Trump is a great fan.

    Some wondered what life in "Nambia" could be like.

    Others played on his threat to wipe North Korea off then face of the earth.

    ​​​Trump even got a message for “the King of Nambia”.

    Obama's '57 States' Vs. Trump's 'Nambia'

    Others found solace in that, unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama, who thought there were 57 states in the US, Trump’s slip was about Africa.

    'Covfefe' Meets 'Nambia'

    The mysterious word "covfefe" that Donald Trump tweeted in May was not forgotten either with many Twitter users making fun of what actually turned out to be a mistype and actually stood for “coverage.”

    Trump’s gaffe on Wednesday came hard on the heels of his Tuesday’s speech at the UN which caused the much-talked about “facepalm” by the White House chief of staff John Kelly who was visibly embarrassed by his boss’ verbal escapades.

    Photos of Kelly’s frustrated reaction immediately went viral online resulting in a flurry of tweets.

    This is not the first mistake by the leader. During his first foreign policy speech as a presidential candidate in 2016, Donald Trump mispronounced the name of Tanzania saying it as “TanzAInia.”


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