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    Delete Your Account: Hate Speech Gets White Nationalists Banned from Facebook

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    The Facebook and Instagram accounts of a white nationalist who attended a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend have been banned by Facebook.

    Christopher Cantwell, who appeared in a Vice News documentary about the rally, had his personal page and a page connected to his podcast removed. The accounts of at least eight other white nationalist who violated Facebook’s hate speech regulations were also taken down.

    A self-proclaimed fascist, Cantwell is based in Keene, New Hampshire, and was named on flyers for the “Unite the Right” rally along with Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler and other prominent extreme far-right figures.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Cantwell as an “anti-Semitic, alt-right shock jock and an unapologetic fascist, who spews white nationalist propaganda with a libertarian spin,” on his podcast that he livestreams from his home.

    Cantwell sees Facebook’s actions as an attempt to keep him from voicing his opinion, and claimed that his Paypal account has been cancelled as well.

    He told the Associated Press, "I’m not surprised by almost any of this because the whole thing we are complaining about here is that we are trying to express our views, and everybody is going through extraordinary lengths to make sure we are not heard." 

    Cantwell added, "Frankly, whatever you think of my views … Facebook and Instagram is one thing but not being able to participate in the financial system because of your political opinions is something that, you know, people should worry about in America."

    Saturday’s rally attracted a broad representation of far-right extremists, including the Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, militiamen, neo-confederate secessionists, “Western chauvinists” and others, some armed with helmets, weapons, shields and pepper spray.

    The rally was ostensibly held to protest the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and descended into violence Friday night as torch-wielding right-wingers clashed with leftists counter-protesters.

    Rally participants were chanting, "You will not replace us!" and "blood and soil!" an English translation of a concept linked to Nazi Germany.


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