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    Target shopper goes on racist rant in North Hollywood, California

    WATCH: Upset Target Shopper Goes on Racist Rant, Throws Merch at Bystanders

    © Screenshot/Cody Walzel
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    A video showing a woman yelling racial slurs and throwing merchandise at onlookers at a California Target store has gone viral on social media.

    Posted on several platforms Tuesday and Wednesday, the footage shared by Cody Walzel, a storyboard artist in Los Angeles, shows an upset woman yelling offensive remarks seconds before security personnel come on the scene. 

    Be warned: this video contains profanity and racial slurs.

    ​Once restrained, the woman began to plead and scream for help.

    "I'll leave if you let go, I’ll leave if you let go," she exclaimed multiple times as the Target employee struggled to subdue her and calm her down. 

    "I don’t think the lady was on drugs," Walzel stated in a YouTube post. "But if she was, she was also mentally ill. She talked a lot about terrorists keeping prisoners in a 'flesh cave' down in the basement prior to the video."

    According to Walzel, multiple employees at the North Hollywood Target store "were on hold with the police for about 10 minutes prior to the start of the video."

    Walzel also noted that despite the guard being "sworn at, threatened and spat on" he only stepped into the situation "when [the woman] started grabbing heavier objects to throw at customers." 

    Sadly, this isn’t the first time Target staff have had to deal with unruly guests. Last year a man began to curse and throw the "n-word" around after he ran into an issue at the store’s guest services department in Texas, The CW 33 reported.

    While Target has yet to release a statement on the incident, the company did state in their 2016 response that there is a "zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination in any form. We have extensive policies, procedures and training in place to help ensure an environment where all guests and team members feel welcome, valued and respected."


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