17:17 GMT30 October 2020
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    Delta Air Lines claims that the Russian citizen, who earlier claimed he had been deplaned for political reasons, was removed from the Seattle-Atlanta flight not for "occupation of the Crimea", but for violating security rules.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US-based Delta Air Lines states that the Russian citizen, who earlier claimed he had been deplaned for political reasons, was removed from the Seattle-Atlanta flight not for "occupation of the Crimea", but for violating security rules, the airline told Sputnik.

    "As Delta flight 1588 from Seattle to Atlanta was preparing for departure on July 24, a late-arriving customer breached the closed boarding door at the gate, activating a security alarm. The customer was questioned by law enforcement as a result of the security breach and subsequently rebooked on a later flight to Atlanta. Both flights operated without incident. The safety of our customers and crew is Delta’s chief responsibility," Delta said in a statement, provided at Sputnik's request.

    Earlier in the day, it was reported that Russian Embassy in the US had been looking into an incident involving a man named Andre Yeremin claiming being deplaned at the request of other passenger for being citizen of Russia and "occupant of Crimea".

    Crimea rejoined Russia in 2014 as a result of a referendum at which 97 percent of the peninsula residents supported the move. Despite that, the reunification was not recognized by the majority of the Western countries including the European Union which subsequently imposed the economic and political sanctions on Moscow in relation to the move. Moscow has repeatedly said that the referendum on rejoining Russia was conducted by Crimea in compliance with the international law.


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