22:23 GMT17 February 2020
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    US Department of Defense spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis declined to comment on Wednesday on reports that the US-led coalition is planning to establish a base in Syrian town of al-Shaddadi to aid partnered forces in offensive on Deir ez-Zor.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Free Syrian Army (FSA) political advisor Abu Yacoub said on July 3 that the coalition will establish a military base in al-Shaddadi to help FSA-linked Maghawir al-Thawra group advance to Deir ez-Zor. He added that the base will house up to 150 people.

    When asked whether the Pentagon has a comment on the reports, Davis said "I don't. I am not familiar with that."

    In March, coalition spokesperson John Dorrian said Deir ez-Zor could become the next target of operations against Daesh after Raqqa.

    Deir ez-Zor had been encircled by the Daesh terrorists since 2014 with its residents living in conditions of humanitarian catastrophe. However, the Syrian government forces were able to regain control over a half of the city this year. The Syrian forces continue an offensive aimed at lifting the siege and creating supply lines for the city’s residents.


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