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    Hillary Clinton joked about US President Donald Trump's mysterious "covfefe" Tweet.

    On Wednesday, Trump made a typo in his Twitter message which immediately sparked a meme storm on social media, as well as guesses of Russia being behind it. The Tweet was deleted after over 5 hours since it had been published with over 150,000 users "liking" it and another 120,000 retweeting it.

    "Despite the constant negative press covfefe," Trump wrote, apparently aiming to say "coverage."

    Twitter users immediately reacted to the typo and started guessing what's behind the mysterious Tweet with many saying that #RussiansDidIt.

    The word has already made it into the Urban Dictionary which cites an example of the term's use: "I've got a lot of bad covfefe."

    Trump also made fun of his typo and suggested his followers to guess what "covfefe" really means.

    His former presidential rival Hillary Clinton was also quick to react. Apparently being no foreigner to the #covfefe trend, Clinton also pointed at Trump's Tweet's supposed connection to Russia. Because if you're not sure, blame it all on Russia, right?

    Clinton joked that she thought "covfefe" was "a hidden message to the Russians."

    "You don’t have a high enough classification to know what 'covfefe' means," she said at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, during a Q&A session as quoted by The Hill.

    According to Nikita Danyuk, deputy head of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognosis at RUDN University, Hillary Clinton's remark is not that simple as it seems.

    "The claims of Donald Trump's and members' of his team alleged ties with Russia are constantly being spread in the US information space. Meanwhile, no facts of Russia somehow influencing on the political process in the US have yet been presented. Donald Trump is in a vulnerable position as constant attacks on him, his team, claims of him having certain commitments to Russia are massively spread in media. Thus, to get rid of the stamp that he is allegedly a person who depends on Russia is very difficult," the Russian scolar told Radio Sputnik.

    "And Hillary Clinton, even in this joke, tries to again remind of the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin link," he concluded.

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