02:47 GMT02 August 2021
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    Donald Trump has recently abandoned his position on several issues that were key to his election campaign. Radio Sputnik discussed this with Sarah Kreps, an expert in international relations and an associate professor in Cornell University's Department of Government.

    "Good campaigners sell big campaign lies and once they get into the government and they see how it actually works, they recognize that the situation is quite different. And for an outsider, such as Donald Trump, I think it might be even more the case," Kreps told Radio Sputnik.

    According to the expert, Trump has very little background in politics and once he started to actually understand the dynamics, he realized that many things look quite different from what he imagined.

    For instance, the US President recently changed his attitude towards NATO saying that the military alliance is not obsolete anymore.
    In Kreps's opinion, Trump's behavior sends "confusing signals."

    "In March, Trump had said that NATO was obsolete, and just yesterday and the day before he said: ‘You know I just realized I said NATO is obsolete, but I actually didn't mean that — scratch that.' So, I think we are all trying to understand: what he is doing — is it a sort of incompetence? Is it ignorance? Is this totally a part of his strategy to be seen as sort of unpredictable?" the expert wondered.

    According to her, the main question is whether this inconsistency will continue or is it just Trump "learning on his new job."

    Earlier, the US President said that he no longer considers China a currency manipulator. The statement came as a major reversal on his campaign promise to confront China over influencing the exchange rate of the yuan.

    Moreover, last Friday, Trump launched an airstrike on a Syrian air base in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack in Idlib although during his campaign the current US president criticized his predecessor — Barack Obama — for even considering such actions.

    Answering the question about the reasons behind such changes, Kreps said:

    "I think it may just be that Trump is finally sort of recognizing that the reason why the US has had a certain foreign policy for decades, is because there are a lot of structural factors that pushed them in that direction. And I think he is starting to recognize that."


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