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    Love Trumps What Again? US Hate Crimes Jump More Than 20% in 2016

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    According to new research gathered from police departments around the country, the incidence of hate crimes in the United States soared last year.

    The new findings, revealed in the 2016-2017 Hate Crime Metro Report published by the nonpartisan Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino (CSUSB) on Monday, found that hate crimes in the United States have climbed dramatically, up 21.7% during 2016.

    The research, authored by Department of Criminal Justice Professor Brian Levin, showed an uptick in hate crimes in several US cities, in particular against Muslims, Jews and members of the LGBTQ community.

    Documenting 1,037 hate-crime incidents in 2016, the report noted significant increases across the board in nine metropolitan areas, including a 189% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in New York City alone.

    While the author of the report was careful to not blame the nationalist rhetoric used by many supporters of US President Donald Trump, it was noted that more could be done to stem the violence.

    Levin observed that, "Following the 9/11 attacks, hate crimes spiked. Six days after those attacks though, President George Bush spoke at the Islamic Center of DC, speaking about tolerance. And hate crimes dropped 66% in the next six days," according to the CSUSB website.

    Following the release of the report, experts observed that many hate crimes go unreported.


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      A nation of under educated rednecks afraid of anything they don't understand.
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      the main thing I see the rate of hate crime is going up it is against white people that will not be reported or charged as a hate crime.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, wow! Now that is a very broad statement to make about a whole nation! Care to fill us in with some evidence as to your statement?
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      terryjohnodgersin reply tousatim(Show commentHide comment)
      usatim, I'd say you would be correct in your opinion.
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      Mitach2002in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, what don't you understand. I've re read it and seems pretty straight forward. The kids, Amerisheep, have awful nitemares about all those bad people so daddy, the terrorist American government implement unconstitutional legislation telling the kids daddy will keep them safe.
      All these Americans that blow their horn about that rag they call a constitution yet not one of them protects it or fights for the rights enshrined within it. They let the patriot act stand because of their fear while it is in direct contravention of their constitution.
      This by the way isn't the only legislation these babies have let stand against their oh so special constitution.
      Ya. Babies. All of them.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, you cannot generalize about an entire country of 330 million people for the actions of the few. I have no idea to what country you belong, but if you live in the West then you are living under the very same kind of system that has been deliberately undermining the West for well over 100 years just as the Americans are being undermined.

      And you simply cannot write off those who are actively defending American values against overwhelming odds because they make slow head way against their own enslavement to the Globalist system that is attempting to control the entire planet.

      There will always be those who cannot see what is going on around them, history is full of that, and there will always be those who are complete cowards and after learning what is going on around them hide their head in the sand or worse, hold hands with those who will eventually enslave them.

      Unfortunately, that is human history right down through the ages and the only reprieve for humanity over that time has been the Magna Carta, The English Bill of Rights 1688, and the American Constitution. Humanity has nearly always been enslaved to those who had control of the finances and the politics and it will remain so because that is humanity, but there too will always be those who are able to see how the world works and will work towards doing something about it, just as one Donald J. Trump is doing, and those are the parts of humanity you should be promoting and are apart from the sheep that will always be with us, instead of lumping everyone together as uneducated rednecks and cowards.

      Your sarcasm concerning the American Constitution reminds me of those who have never taken the time to properly understand the profound enlightenment for the entire human race found within it.

      How about your own country, how is that turning out for you?
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      Mitach2002in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, I can do and say what ever I want. So yes, I lump all Americans into the same boat.
      I read that lately they are protesting Trumps policies.
      I don't recall any of these 350 million scum protesting their terrorist governments 15 years of illegal wars in 7 nations.
      Nice try telling me what I can or can't do. Your funny.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, you must come from a perfect country then? I know of no country that has not made mistakes over its lifetime. And going on your own logic, I guess that any mistakes your government has made I could then get to blame you for?

      Your understanding of what drives this world needs enlightening, but going on your demonstrated biases I don't think you would even bother to learn.

      But here's a clue anyway for that thick head of yours;

      It is all Western Intelligence services who work via the CIA that are part of the controlling mechanism in this world. Politicians are just puppets used as a shopfront by the Globalists to blunt the anger of those who are now awake to what is going on.

      Like I have stated previously, it is foolish to blame the populations of countries who have very little or no control over what their politicians do at the behest of the intelligence services that are in turn controlled by the Banksters.

      The sooner you wake up to the fact that you are just whistling in the wind that is driven by your own bias the sooner you will realize how this world really works.
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      Mitach2002in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, terryjohnodgers, bla bla bla. You whine and complain just like an American. It's always someone else's fault. We do have control of our government, it's the Jews, it's the CIA, it's the elite.
      There are 350 million Americans at best controlled by what? A million?
      Suck it up grab your gun and make changes.
      My government, no my friend not my government,I at least don't sit around and sob and complain like I'm hanging on moms teet. I've write my government and informed them that I am not a citizen, that my knee does not bend for some ole sow in Britain, I have removed my name from every level of government voters list. I have done things a guy like you doesn't do but then I'm not blaming someone else.
      I have no government (daddy) I'm more the capable of handling my own affairs.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, LOL! And you call others 'rednecks'?

      Do you even know who to go after, have you any idea how compartmentalized the control system is?

      You can take out the whole United States government but you will never get to the take out the controlling interests of your country because you have no idea my friend who it is that you are taking on and just how many sit at the top of the heap.

      And you expect 320 million other Americans to do what you have done and be willing and able to take on an unidentified elite who have been hiding in the shadows for thousands of years?

      You are very naïve when it comes to identifying who your really enemy is.
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      Mitach2002in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, you keep making my point.
      No. Americans won't ever take on their government. Because they are babies that need daddy. Doesn't matter if he's a good or bad daddy they need him
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, you twist and distort everything I put up. You have not once tried to counter anything I have put to you and now you suggest I am just making your point?

      And pray tell Mitach, which of those points that you have put forward would that be?

      a. Americans are uneducated rednecks afraid of their own shadow?

      b. 'Amerisheep' have some 'nitemares' concerning some bad people?

      c. The United States government is a terrorist organization?

      d. The American Constitution is a 'rag'?

      e. No American's protect or fight for the rights within the constitution?

      d. The American people rolled over to the Patriot Act?

      e. Americans are babies?

      f. You lump all Americans into the same boat?

      g. Americans are now protesting Trump's policies?

      h. You believe you can say anything you like - that is fine by me, but you never back up with any kind of logical argument what you say. So that is just plain ranting as far as I am concerned.

      I. You accuse me of whining and complaining while all I am attempting to do is to point out to you, your own whining and complaining which is generally baseless?

      j. And now after all I have put forward to refute your general rants I am now making your point? Are you serious?
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