07:27 GMT +328 March 2017
    Senator John McCain

    US Senators Introduce Resolution Against Russia, Iran Actions in Syria - McCain

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    Four US Senators introduced a resolution on Wednesday condemning Russia and Iran for continuing to deliver military aid to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Senator John McCain announced in a press release on Wednesday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The resolution was co-sponsored by Senators Tim Kaine, Marco Rubio and Chris Murphy.

    "The resolution also denounces Russia and Iran for their political and military support of the Assad regime, and calls for protection of civilians and humanitarian workers," the release stated.

    The resolution states Russia, Iran as well as Iranian-backed militias must stop operations in Syria as soon as possible and allow the flow of the humanitarian aid into the worn-torn areas, particularly in those controlled by opposition forces.

    The four senators also called on President Donald Trump to develop a bipartisan strategy to bring the conflict in Syria to an end.

    The Arizona lawmaker has been Russia’s vocal critic throughout his career and has repeatedly called for more sanctions on Moscow related to Ukraine, Syria crises, as well as the alleged Russia's interference in the US election.


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      No one including Donald Trump, cares what John McCain and his resolutions have to say. We all know he supports Al Nusra and ISIS
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      Will some sain person in the United Snakes of America ( if there is one) provide an all expenses spared Life time holiday at THE HANOI HILTON FOR THIS A HOLE. Just think of all the $ you could put into health care. NO. Sorry u lots in NAM and ever since. A nation of losers.
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      why is this BOZO making news
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      Mc Cain is not going to live forever he's on the wrong end of human life span, good riddance when he goes.
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      320 Millions Americans LOVE Mkane and Every word uttered !
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      The US Congress is the laughing stock of the world! Insane McCain is bought and paid for by the Zionists along with Lindsey the dick smoker Graham as well as the rest of the neocons! I'm ashamed​ to be an American.
    • The Night Wind
      When McCain ran for president against Obama, the US Corporate Media ridiculed and attacked him regularly. Now that he's Neocon opposition to Trump, the US Corporate Media treats him like he's a wise political sage.
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      when will this stupid bozzo shut up. after speaking with syrian refugees they all told me that life was great with Assad before the war. free schooling and universities. medicare, jobs etc etc. till obama and clinton funded isis to overthrow Assad. and this clown has the nerve to complain about russia.
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