11:24 GMT09 August 2020
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    Commenting on the recent accusations of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he lied about discussions with the Russian ambassador to the US and his further recusal from any Trump campaign probe, Russian political analyst Vladimir Vasilyev looked at who might be the next victim of the 'witch hunt' and why.

    US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been recently accused of lying about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak during his confirmation hearing. These accusations further forced him to remove himself from any current or future investigations related to Donald Trump's election campaign and Russia's alleged involvement.

    President Trump was quick to label the scandal a "total witch hunt," especially in the wake of the earlier resignation of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn was forced to resign over accusations that he discussed US anti-Russian sanctions with the Russian ambassador during the month before the then-president elect took office.

    Commenting on the recent accusations of the US attorney general, Vladimir Vasilyev, a senior analyst at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies told Sputnik that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson might well become the next victim of the US Democratic opposition's witch hunt.

    He suggested the Democrats are trying to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and the US while at the same time preparing the ground for a possible impeachment of President Trump.

    "The next potential target is in clear sight, it is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, given that he received Russia's Order of Friendship, his acquaintances and so on," he told Sputnik.

    The political analyst further noted that during his 10-hour confirmation hearing in the Congress, Tillerson "seemed to make certain anti-Russian remarks" however they were quite mild, as if just aimed at comforting the congressmen.

    "Some of the Democratic representatives in the Congress, while having expressed their satisfaction with the resignation of Michael Flynn, said that it was only the beginning," he noted to Sputnik.

    "They said that they would further pursue their frontal attack on the Trump administration and particularly on his relationship with Russia," he added.

    Hence Vladimir Vasilyev suggested that this attack will only intensify, implying possible secret contacts and ties with Russia and rehashing tales of Russia's alleged interference in the US elections, including further claims of certain cooperation between the Trump administration and Moscow.

    The main aim of this campaign, the political analyst suggested, is to paralyze the activity of the US president and try to force his  resignation or impeachment.

    Another aim, he suggested, is to force Trump to pursue Obama's policy regarding relations with Russia, "paralyzing all Trump's efforts to normalize relations with Moscow and not to deliver on his election promises."

    Obama's policy, he explained, is the "policy of sanctions, military pressure and the policy of direct head-on push on Russia to solve the Ukrainian conflict on the US' terms and a number of other issues."

    He further said that the Democrats are trying to give the impression that Trump came to power as the result of Russia's actions. As if his team colluded with Russian authorities in order to win in the presidential elections.

    "There will be further investigations and proceedings in the Congress which might then serve as grounds for an impeachment and "dethronement" of Trump, his isolation in the White House and forceful resignation," he therefore concluded.

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