08:15 GMT20 February 2020
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    Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released an address to supporters. She called on the party's voters to "keep fighting."

    The video message comes as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is set to elect the party's new leader.

    Clinton praised the party's views and thanked her supporters saying that being the Democratic presidential candidate "was an honor of a lifetime."

    "I will always be proud of the campaign we ran, a campaign that was better and stronger," she said.

    However, Clinton didn't confine herself to commenting on only the failure of her election campaign. The former Democratic candidate praised protests across the US against President Donald Trump.

    "… People everywhere are marching and protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that's hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted. From the Women's March to airports, where communities are welcoming immigrants, refugees and people of every faith, to townhome meetings, where people are speaking up for healthcare, the environment and good jobs that deserve our passionate support," Clinton proclaimed.

    "Among those millions making their voices heard, are future mayors, city and state officials, governors, members of Congress, even future presidents," she continued.

    Clinton also addressed the prospects of her party winning midterm elections. She said that "now more than ever we [Democrats] need to stay engaged in the field and online, reaching out to new voters."

    In the end of her message, Hillary Clinton called on the Democratic party's supporters to "keep fighting and keep the faith," adding that she "will be right with you every step of the way."

    "As long as we stand together and work together — with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions and love for our country — our best days are still ahead. So keep fighting and keep the faith and I'll be right with you every step of the way."

    Amid ongoing protests across the country against the US president's policies staged mostly by Democratic party voters, the statement cannot but suggest that the former rival of Donald Trump doesn't seem to count on a national reconciliation after the hard presidential campaign mired by many scandals, and actually backs them.

    It is yet to be seen whether or not Hillary Clinton will keep her pledge to refrain from running for the presidential post as well as any other elected office "ever again", however, she doesn't look like a person who decided to stay away from politics at all.


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