07:59 GMT +330 March 2017
    Sen. Tom Cotton.

    US Senators Introduce Bill Facilitating Transfer of Missiles to Counter Russia

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    New legislation has been introduced in the US Senate to enable transfer of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) missile systems to allies in response to Russia’s alleged violation of the INF Treaty, Senator Tom Cotton said in a statement posted on his website.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The statement by Cotton stated that the proposed legislation also calls for establishing a program of record for dual-capable road-mobile ground-launched missile systems with INF ranges and seeking additional missile defense assets.

    In addition to Cotton, the bill was co-introduced by senators Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio. Congressmen Ted Poe and Mike Rogers introduced companion legislation in the US House of Representatives.

    "This legislation states that the Russian violation has crossed the material breach threshold allowing the United States to take steps to bring Russia back into compliance, and begin developing similar missile systems," the release said. "The steps to bring Russia back into compliance included in the legislation are: Facilitating transfer of INF-range systems to allied countries."

    On Tuesday, US media reported that Russia allegedly deployed nuclear cruise missiles in violation of the INF Treaty, which prohibits the development, testing or fielding of ground-based cruise missiles with a range of 300 to 3,400 miles.

    Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control head Mikhail Ulyanov told Sputnik the US media reports could not be taken seriously, since the accusations were baseless and also lacked evidence or facts.


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      Looks like we will be back to another Cuban crises the one big mighty fat fact missed in the story is that NATO has allies right up on Russia's borders conversely none exist on US borders.
      These jerks are crazy perhaps this stunt and the highly surprising omission of McCain who is suspiciously not named could be to place missiles in Ukraine to ensure it remains under the auspices and continues to receive funding from the US just as the neocons would demand as a dream death wish.
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      Scruffy-looking fellow, this Cotton. Apparently, he can't afford razors.

      He is, however, a dangerous rabble-rouser who is looking to make an impression so he can run for president in the near future. The word "jerk" comes to mind.
    • avatar
      He read it in CNN or similar. Congress does not need any further evidence nor fact and if anyone dares ask for evidence or fact, they will quickly fabricate them. It is true because CNN or similar has said it is true. Period. That is the way Congress is operating. Go figure. We are done.
    • avatar
      " We eliminated the intermediate range missiles. " Gorbachev , as an IDIOT SAVANT that his STUPIDITY cost the live of a guy. That thought was treason and killed himself.
      But this is a double edge. By passing the tech to allies, which was the intention anyways, Russia stand accused as always with no defense or way to talk.
      But it was U.S that violated first, by placing the defenses in Europe which violates the agreement.
      Thing is, Russia doesn't TALK!!
      At U.N Russia should had shown over and over the violation. RT would be glad to parade it around 24/7.
      IF one reads well, even using some vehicles that carry is a violation.
      Therefore, passing tech around STILL is a breach.

      IF U.S does this, Russia MUST denounce the agreement. And end it. NO MORE.. Russia needs to do the same that TRUMP is doing with Obama. END Gorbachev , Yeltsin LEGACY.

      If THIS idiot would had been president , he would be at Kremlin or Russian W. House, asking for a passport from E.U to walk outside. A COMPLETE BUFFOON.

      This is why I always say. DO NOT sign NOTHING, ANYTHING. No treaties. IF U.S is so desperate because it cannot afford the nuke game. Then eliminate them itself. Will it?
      Best bring it to UNGA, for their non binding vote.
      Then after many amendments, it could be adopted by all nations, to reduce warheads, BUT anyone that had nukes can walk off the deal any time it wants.
      END of problem.
      This shows you that this CLOWNS are doing NOTHING all day but messing with Russia.

      Worst they compulsive liars.
      Worst than CNN,. FOX, CNBC, BBC, EURO NEWS and the rest of minions. ]

      They been playing the RUSSIAN CARD, because U.S, U.K E.U, NATO need coup d etat and kill innocent civilians, police, to DRAG in members into their ALLIANCES.AKA, NATO E.U Where most were dragged in thru violence and coups. WOW. THAT makes them all what. MANURE BAGS?

      The reason Washington Compost, and the rest, were saying about TRUMP staff talking with Russian intelligence, was for an impeachment to SACK the electoral college, and depose TRUMP .

      TRUMP should VETO it.
    • siberianhusky
      Is there any body in the American government that has the ball to announce what they really want to do and declare war on Russia? No balls from those American politicians to get this dog and pony show on the road.
    • ewt2020
      I cannot imagine Western Europeans would want Russian haters in the Polish military getting control of such weapons, this would put Europe on the edge of nuclear destruction. Madness inhabits some of the corridors of power in Washington and NATO
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