01:51 GMT +330 March 2017
    Russian Vishnya (also known as Meridian) class warship CCB-175 Viktor Leonov, arrives at Havana's harbor

    Russian Intelligence Ship Approaches Largest US Naval Base in Virginia - Reports

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    The Russian intelligence ship, which has been sailing in the international waters near the US east coast, has been spotted not far from a naval base near Virginia Beach, Fox News reported.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The SSV-175 Viktor Leonov remains in international waters and was detected 19 miles away from Norfolk, which houses the largest US naval base, Fox News reported.

    The vessel, which can intercept signals and measure US sonar capability, was "loitering" in the water, according to media reports.

    On Thursday, Viktor Leonov was spotted some 30 miles south of Groton Navy submarine base in the US state of Connecticut. The ship was first detected near the east coast on Tuesday, when it approached Delaware.

    Commenting on the reports on Thursday, Trump said that the Russian spy ship allegedly detected off the US eastern coast, a newly deployed Russian cruise missile and Russian military airplanes flying near a US destroyer in the Black Sea will not damage Washington’s efforts to build relations with Moscow.

    When asked whether the recent developments will damage bilateral relations and undermine the US ability to work with Russia, Trump said, "No."


    Much Ado About Nothing: Why Russian Ship Off US Coast is No Cause for Concern
    Russian Ship Off US East Coast Reportedly Nears Submarine Base in Connecticut
    Viktor Leonov, Russia, Virginia, United States
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      Oooh scary, the bogeyman has arrived!
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      Of course Russia is doing nothing wrong. NATO has been begging for this since 1991. Now we have Russian military 19 miles from our largest naval base because of traitors and misfits such as Senators McCain and Graham. They have brought this to us, not Putin or Trump. Dump McCain and Graham.
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      Message: "Stop threatening Russia's borders and the Black Sea."
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      Good you Americans places nuclear bombs in Europe, and nuclear boats close to our naval bases.

      We Russians are placing nuclear bombs on submarines.

      19 miles from your coast.

      We call it topol-m, a beautiful tree, launchablen 30m below surface.

      In case of incident you can thank your empire McCain and Soros.

      We call it free world
    • NightStalker
      What goes around, comes around. USA cannot complain about it. But probably will
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      TravelAboutin reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Excellently stated. Sure hope the launching instructions state that in the event of a launch ensure that the Congressional Office Buildings are ground zero for the strike. The policy making corporate whores should be the first to be vaporized.
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      NATO's proxies are shelling Russians in Ukraine, cutting water supplies and committing unspeakable atrocities in Syria, Black sea intrusions, sanctions, etc. It actually took Putin a long time to finally say, "Enough."
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      When asked whether the recent developments will damage bilateral relations and undermine the US ability to work with Russia, Trump said, "No."
      And that's exactly right. None of this is directed at Trump. This is all the result from morons such as Clinton, Obama, McCain and similar freaks. And that's what Trump is going to fix.
    • landauroj
      International waters, so you see, Russia is meaning business. Good for them
    • ewt2020
      NATO building up military forces on Russia's border with currently a large NATO exercise going on in the Black Sea and the US is freaking out over one Russian ship in international waters off their coast! The maniac McCain will be praying hard for an incident that will provoke his dream of war with Russia.
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      double bonus
      [The vessel ... was "loitering" in the water, according to media reports.]

      "Loitering"? That's brilliant!.
      VV-Putin finally found the answer to NATO expansion along Russia's borders.
      Just sent a fleet of Russian intelligence ships to "loiter" all along both the East and West Coasts of the United States. Then, maybe more "Americans" will understand how bad these Eastern European NATO exercises are???
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