11:56 GMT +330 March 2017
    Hungarian-born US chairman of the Soros Fund Management, George Soros

    Over 9,000 People Sign Petition Urging Trump to Expel Soros From US

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    Over 9,000 people signed an online petition asking US President Donald Trump to expel US-Hungarian billionaire George Soros from the United States as well as ban him and members of his family from founding and influencing US politicians.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – George Soros is a billionaire as well as the founder of the Open Society Foundations philanthropic organization, which “supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.” Opponents of Soros accuse him of interfering in internal relations of foreign countries and supporting revolutions there.

    Moreover, Soros is reportedly funding anti-Trump protests across the US.

    “President Trump, We the people are asking you to ban George Soros from our country. We ask you to ban both George Soros and all his family members from doing any and all business in our country from contributing to politicians or their foundations in order to influence and manipulate our corrupt politicians,” the petition said.

    Authors of the petition also asked Trump to make it a crime to do business with Soros and his family members as well as to accept money from him.

    “We are asking you to issue a warrant for his arrest for hiring people for willful intent to riot and protest injuring our people and damaging our properties … As George Soros has made it clear that he is working to destroy our country, restrictions must be put in place immediately against all the Soros family in America to keep them from further treason against our country,” the petition said.


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    • Hagbard Celine
      Biology will solve that problem for us.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      One of the truths to the matter is that this parasite is actually NOT well known to the US public. His identity has been kept low key and not shown through a majority of US media simply because of his control. 9000 IS NOTHING!!! 900.000 would be something to take notice of. This decrepit parasite should be thrown out of every country accept maybe North Pole, where hopefully it can die out of humanities existence!!!
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      double bonus
      Soros came to the US a long time ago from Hungary.
      He was not born in the USA. Does he have US citizenship?
      If he is acting like a leftist revolutionary against the US,
      then he needs to be actively opposed and stopped somehow.
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      i wanna throw up everytime when i see that old turd face.
    • Dar...in reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Capt'nSkippy !!!, True. It's also unfortunately true that he's virtually unknown in Western Europe too. A small number of Brits with an interest in economics remember him vaguely as "the man who broke the Bank of England", but that's very few people.

      That's how the MSM works though isn't it? That's how reptiles like Soros slink about spreading their poison.
    • Hermes
      They should include Eisenberg because that's where Soros get's the money from.
      Otherwise Mossad will just appoint another philantroper to explain the source of the money that is flowing to terrorists and regime-topplers.
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      Mclupoin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., Britain is only a tiny part of Western Europe, if Soros is not well not Britain that is because the Brits aren't a politically conscience nation, "Politics is boring", in the rest of Europe not only Soros is well known, but all his subversive actions too.
      Some in the Anglo-Saxon world have a very narrow view of the world, where there is the Anglo-Saxon world, and the rest of the world, when talking about an international event for example, some would say: “People come from all over the world, Britain, the States, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Africa.”
      Basically South America and Asia do not exist, and Africa is as important, or even less, that Switzerland.
    • Dar...in reply toMclupo(Show commentHide comment)
      Mclupo, I agree with you that many people view 'the World' through the prism of their own culture.

      I think language has a huge influence too. During my time in the UK I ran into very, very few Brits who could speak any language other than English. I found the same situation in Australia, New Zealand and even the USA too at least amongst the WASP's. Language is a big part of how the MSM controls them.

      I don't have much time for the Brits but I didn't get the impression they found politics boring. Rather they didn't trust any politician and didn't believe they could change anything with politics even if they wanted too. They just worked like slaves, drank unbelievably heavily and got mega violent with anyone at the slightest excuse as a sort of vent for having to live in a such a dismal, hopeless, oppressive and stupidly expensive dump. Brexit surprised ordinary Brits more than anyone else because they actually changed something. Perhaps now they'll pay more attention to politics and politically motivated snakes like Soros.

      I think Soros has his exposure protected by more than culture and language though. I regularly move between several Western European countries and he's not a recognised public figure yet like he is in Eastern and Central European countries and some Balkan states. Hopefully that will change with the type of exposure he gets here and through RT's various language channels and elsewhere too. He's very old now but I hope he will live long enough to see everything he's done fail.
    • Zoanthropy
      Make it a Global petition,

      Where do I sign ?
    • Zoanthropyin reply toHagbard Celine(Show commentHide comment)
      Hagbard Celine,

      The Good die young,
      The Evil bastards live for ever 😕
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      Mclupoin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., I mentioned the Brits because Soros stole half of the economy of their country without their knowledge.
      Another typically British expression is "In conversation, never talk about sex, religion, or politics" I lived for 16 years in London and 2 in Scotland (which is quite different) and most people run away from serious intellectual conversation, be it politics, literature, philosophy, science, or history, they much prefer small talk, this is a fact.
      They laugh at French people for protesting just about anything, and they accept any crap thrown at them, and as you rightly said, as long as they can get drunk and make fools of themselves, they are happy.
      As for Soros, I must admit he is more known in Southern Europe especially France, Italy and Greece, but very little in Holland, Germany, and Belgium, there again I am talking about outside the mainstream information sources.
      The most important thing is that he gets more and more exposed, so that one day, very soon I hope, he will face the music, and get what he deserves.
      Good day to you.
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      Antares Prime
      Can we expand the petition to include Sheldon Adelson and all similar globalist individuals who flaunt their money around to buy the allegiance of American politicians for allegiance to their own non-American causes?
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      This is the Humanity Sympathizer who destroyed the Ukraine.
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      marcanhaltin reply toHagbard Celine(Show commentHide comment)
      Hagbard Celine, I said, earlier, that the way to destroy him, is to take away his organ donee card. Being over 70, his are not salvageable.
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      ntahedasin reply toZoanthropy(Show commentHide comment)
      Zoanthropy, here is a useful link where to sign: www.change.org/p/president-donald-j-trump-ban-george-soros-from-the-united-states-of-america
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