16:18 GMT +329 March 2017
    US Troops Wearing YPG Kurdish Patches in Northern Syria

    House Speaker Ryan Backs Idea of Sending More US Troops to Syria to Crush Daesh

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    Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Paul Ryan said on Sunday he supports the idea of sending additional troops to Syria to fight Daesh.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Ryan made the remarks in his interview with the NBC News channel, speaking about the plan proposed by US Defense Secretary James Mattis, which implies sending extra troops to Syria to defeat Daesh, a terrorist group outlawed in Russia, the United States and other countries.

    "We cannot afford to allow ISIS [Daesh] to continue to enjoy safe havens [in Syria], to recruit. The perception of them doing well is a good recruiting tool for them…. So we must, it’s in our vital national security interest, we must destroy ISIS in Syria."

    "We have to find the best way to accomplish that objective," Ryan stressed.

    The US-led coalition of 68 nations has started to carry out airstrikes against Daesh in Syria and Iraq in 2014, with the strikes in Syria not being authorized by the government of President Bashar Assad or the UN Security Council.

    In December 2016, Pentagon announced the United States would send additional 200 servicemen to Syria to participate in the operation to oust Daesh from its stronghold Raqqa, which the terrorists consider to be their capital.


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      Trump will have to deal with Bashar al Assad...
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      It would be stupid to send US troops before even trying to work with Assad and Russia instead of against them. That is, if defeating terrorism is the real objective.
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      UN should do its job and be more responsive to social media and use Twitter like Trump and post that UN will not tolerate ongoing and perverse provocation of Syrian sovereignty and that dialogue and planning must be done through Syrian Government and or Russian Forces representatives in Syria.
    • rodneswicksculptor
      If house Speaker Ryan is so keen on sending troops I'm sure he would want to be first on the front lines, otherwise he should stick his mouth where the moon don't shine!!!
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      beydetyin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, unfortunately the useless UN will not utter a word without the approval of the US.
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      We don't need the Terrorist State to put more boots on the ground, what we need is for them to stop arming anyone willing to fight the SAA.
    • Drain the swamp
      And they also want to set up "safe zones" for the "moderates" !! Ryan is following in the tradition of the rednecks who made the native Americans complain "white man speak with a forked tongue".
    • sapper
      Exterminating the pentagon and house of reps should do the trick!!!
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      I'm already thoroughly sick of "Mad Dog", but maybe they should consult with Russia on what they would like to see in the way of help. Considering that they were invited by the legitimate government of Syria.
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      Rat Ryan wants to be President, so he'll fall all over his self trying to please the Banker King who really is running things. President Trump is as good as gone, the Judges are taking over and we know who owns them. It will be, if time allows, Jeb baby, just like I have always said. Told'em, keep telling'em, first the Constitution and Bill of Rights, so, who can best do that for the Banker King, Ryan or Bush, look at the record, the last Bush tore us up, the baby will finish us off, the Bush's have a proven track record, the King can depend on them to get the job done.. Jeb is the LBJ of the future, just you wait and see, it is a done deal. In the meantime, President Trump, unwilling to really take on the Banker King and his army, will bend and bend and bend until he is looking up his own butt, then, good-bye Mr. Trump. So many false promises and so much going back, just makes us sick. When we give him up he will be through.
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