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    US President Donald Trump

    'Number One Terrorist State': Trump Promises More Sanctions Against Iran

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    Iran is the "number one terrorist state," the United States will work with Tehran from the position of sanctions, US president Donald Trump said late on Sunday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — In his interview with the Fox News channel, Trump said that Tehran "total disregard" for Washington in its activities.

    He promised that the United States will act from the position of sanctions against Iran, explaining that "we’ve just started" doing it.

    On Friday, the United States introduced a new round of sanctions against Tehran for conducting a ballistic missile test on January 29. The US Treasury Department sanctioned 25 entities and individuals.

    After the move Iran announced it believes the sanctions imposed on them by the White House were "illegal," and that in retaliation they would be imposing legal restrictions on American individuals and entities that are assisting "regional terrorist groups", the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    Following the announcement, US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn hit back, saying that the days of turning "a blind eye to Iran's hostile and belligerent actions are over."

    Commenting on the possible new sanctions, Trump said that he would not warn of his actions regarding Iran in advance, saying that he criticized president Obama for announcing his military actions against Daesh, a terrorist group banned in Russia and other countries, or against other terrorist groups.

    "They give the name, the date, the time. I don't believe in that," Trump said.


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      Please give specific examples of Iran's terrorism. Iran and Hezbollah are important in the defeat of ISIL in Syria. What's Israel done to defeat ISIL in Syria?
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      Iran is not Mexico or Australia that are heavily dependent on trade with US. For more than t 40 years Iran has lived without trading relation with the US. It won't be affected that much by new sanctions, more it will retaliate with its huge loyal network of operatives in the GCC and Iraq.
      Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain are on for a bumpy 2017. Any USA interest in the region is now threatened. ISIS terrorists will be allowed and encouraged to move in these areas and create havoc. If Trump wants war in Iran, he will get it.
      The USA is furious at the coalition Iran-Turkey-Russia. He wants only 'one to one ' deals.
      He and his team are dreaming. Russia and Iran will stick to each other and Turkey will try to play on both sides.
      Ultimately the USA will be pressed to intervene militarily and Trump will face a dilemma
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      What a Loser Trump is becoming and fast !
    • siberianhusky
      What is wrong with that guy. Is Nathan-nutjob pulling his strings?
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      It's like a knee-jerk reaction with these war and sanction guys, Pavlov's dog conditioning. they don't even seem to be thinking or observing reality.
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      Iran is the #1 terrorist state?!?!!! I think he's confusing Iran with Saudi Arabia; The Saudi's are the #1 backers of terrorists (aside from Israel) and should be wiped from the face of the earth.
    • rodneswicksculptor
      As an AMERICAN I am ashamed to say the number 1 terrorist country is the United States bar none!!!!!!!! How many lives taken, countries destroyed that can match our record over the past 60 yrs.?!!?? Name one !
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      beydetyin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, super fast.
    • avatar
      beydetyin reply torodneswicksculptor(Show commentHide comment)
      rodneswicksculptor, your honesty is appreciated.
    • avatar
      If only he knew how idiotic he looks by blaming Iran and not the Saudi Terrorist State. And for those who are saying give him a chance, he's only been there for two weeks, answer this. The BS UN drivel about Russian aggression in the Ukraine, the forced annexation of Crimea, NATO, the idiocy of a NFZ in Syria (Clinton policy) and now Iran, end to nation building etc. And stupid me believed the BS quote "from now on, no more wars, it will be diplomacy".
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!in reply tobeydety(Show commentHide comment)
      Yes beydety, good points. He seems to going down the same rabbit burrow but maybe a*se about face. Things like putting away CLITon, pulling back NATO and no regime swapping just a few. Hes is now on the band wagon of the Jewish and Saudi whores. He would want to know what direction he is going with this otherwise sh-it will happen if it looses it wheels!!! LOL
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      ViTranin reply tobeydety(Show commentHide comment)
      beydety, Out of depth comes to mind !
    • siberianhusky
      WOW the pot is telling the kettle that he is black.
    • avatar
      Well, that didn't take long. Trump (L-Likud).
    • avatar
      This is all beginning to look very bad. Trump is being too impetuous, and letting himself be deluded by the advisors he's surrounded himself with. The Israelis and Saudis want the US to take out Iran, and if he goes along and attacks, then Russia and China will certainly react and we will have WWIII on our hands. Pathetic.
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