23:28 GMT +327 March 2017
    This file photo taken on June 02, 2015, shows Exxon Mobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson addressing the World Gas Conference in Paris

    Tillerson Says US, Russia Have ‘Scope for Discussion’ Over Fighting Daesh

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    Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said that the United States and Russia could reestablish talks on Syria given the two countries share a common interest to combat Daesh.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States and Russia could reestablish talks on Syria given the two countries share a common interest to combat the Islamic State (Daesh) terrorist group, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said in his confirmation hearing before the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

    "There are common threats that Russia faces because of terrorist organizations," Tillerson stated on Wednesday when asked about Moscow's primary goals in Syria. "I think there is a scope for discussion… We would have to see what Russia’s posture is."

    Tillerson explained that the United States should make sure first that Moscow is seeking partnership where the two countries can try to restore "some type of a positive working relationship."

    He also noted that the ongoing conflict in Syria has provided an opportunity for Russia to secure its presence in the Middle East.

    The Islamic State, also known as Daesh in Arabic, is outlawed in the United States, Russia and numerous other countries.


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      Darrell R
      If new talks come it won't be a scam like the last talks. Dealing with the US may have its risk, but this new administration has got to be an improvement over the last one. Only time will tell but there is hope things will get better and perhaps not take a turn for the worse.
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      As Putin said on many occasions of late to quote we will talk with US on a even playing field not as slaves but as joint masters of there own destiny. (as equals)
      On Tillersons comments last night at hearing he's doing the boring bad cop good cop routine and starting at full throttle reverse to leverage gains over Putin to show who is the boss and who is the slave???

      Really is this guy completely nuts! he knows Putin and wants to start with total disrespect for Putin obviously instructed to peg back Putins world wide popularity.

      Seems we will start with a stand off and more wars mind bending lack of flexibility in thinking after terrific rhetoric in election campaign and now this BS.

      Trump needs to effect a immediate reshuffle of his cabinet Tillerson is not the man for that job at all full stop, act now Trump change his post.
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      Darrell R
      He can't sound too Putin friendly with congress, otherwise they will not approve him. Just how good things go, time will tell, but he is likely to be an improvement.
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      A far better comment from Tillerson would have been 'we can accomplish much by combining actions to defeat Daesh and rid the world of this menace'.
      He will learn in time I guess "words" are everything in politics he's not standing on a oil rig barking out orders.

      Starting off trying to compromise Putins enormous standing in the world today to appease 30% of American empire lovers is crazy barking dumb and reckless.
      Americans will not tolerate this BS if subjected to another 4 years of Obama style fascism its what angered Americans in the first place to throw him and Hillary in the garbage can of history so why is Tillerson wrecking Trumps new administration?
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      Darrell R....I fully realise the point you made in your last post, non the less you cant start with disrespect of your competitor who you need to effect a critical relationship with to get your company out of insolvency (in commercial speak) where he comes from after all.

      The way you start in politics is setting the tone for a new era of diplomacy instead Tillerson issues a threat by saying US diplomacy works best if accompanied by force??? now its infinetly harder for Tillerson to compromise as needed on world matters frankly he has failed his first test total lack of objectivity and smarts the guy is a lemon "your fired" get rid of him he has stuffed the whole deal.
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      Darrell Rin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, I was to busy to watch the hearing today, but I did record it and after listening to some what he had to say, I see what you mean about him. He didn't sound like much of a diplomat at all. I'm still going to hold on to hope because this is a new administration, but I wasn't impressed with what he had to say on a lot of things. On many things he didn't want to give a clear answer until he could learn more about it, and even that was better than some of his answers.
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      Darrell R...what Trump and his team must NEVER forget is that they have a mandate from the American voters to abandoned the confrontational interventionist foreign policy's as per there election manifesto.

      I realise the immense pressure exerted by Congress but that was his first big test and he failed miserably in his role as CEO he has had vast experience in dealing with that sort of pressure and how important it is to work through it successfully.

      If Trump was aware of the massive turnaround and the betrayal of his voters he should resign or take immediate action and sack Tillerson as a very poor judgement call in that role.

      Im sure there is a critical commercial role he could fill but certainly not a critical high level policy/diplomatic role. We will be at war within 6 months if this guy stays put absolutely no difference to Hillary.

      Voters voted for Trump to make sure Hillary did not get a chance to plunge the nation into war for Tillerson to make the remarks he did is unforgivable he's done!
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      Darrell Rin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, I hope Trump was concerned about what was said during this hearing. Although the mainstream press doesn't say much about it, his differences with Hillary on war and Cold War played a big role in his victory. I hope Trump takes that seriously. This was a very big factor in why I voted for him. Hillary was a guaranteed disaster, but even with my hope for Trump I have to see it happen before I believe it. How he reacts to what was said during these hearings will say a lot about what direction he is going. A president can only be as good as his Secretary of State. I am counting down the days until the lame duck administration is gone and after that it's wait and see. This could go really well or it could be a disaster.
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