23:33 GMT +330 March 2017
    The Watergate Complex in Washington, DC

    Infamous Watergate Complex Catches Fire In Washington DC (PHOTOS)

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    Around 1:30 pm EST a blaze at the Watergate building in Washington's Foggy Bottom neighborhood was reported.

    The Washington DC Fire Department is currently on the scene to address the situation. Witnesses said the fire appeared to start on the balcony. Authorities reportedly have contained the immediate threat. 

    ​The building overlooks the famous Potomac River slicing through the nation's capital.

    In the 1970s, the complex gained acclaim as the site of a scandal featuring then President Richard Nixon. 

    ​The Democratic National Committee once held offices within the five-building complex, specifically at the Watergate Hotel.

    ​Nixon used his power as president to try covering up a break-in of the party's headquarters. He eventually became the only US president to resign from office in 1974 and his legacy has been scarred by the incident despite garnering success in some policy arenas.

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      Marques rouges
      I have to watch this movie, "Dick" again...
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      Nixon used his power as president to try covering up a break-in of the party's headquarters. He eventually became the only US president to resign from office in 1974 and his legacy has been scarred by the incident despite garnering success in some policy arenas.
      Not bad compared to bombing women and children mercilessly and forming alliances with sex slave traders and murdered (Obama). But the DNC isn't worried about anything bad done by democrats. Watergate is worse than Libya and an ambassador dying under mysterious circumstances?
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