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    Donald Trump appears at a campaign roundtable event in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., October 28, 2016

    Trump: 'Russia Has Never Tried to Use Leverage Over Me'

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    US President-elect Donald Trump claimed Wednesday that Russia had dismissed reports on having alleged compromising materials regarding him as nonsense and a fabrication.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Tuesday, the CNN and the BuzzFeed news website reported on memos, compiled by an unnamed former intelligence officer from the United Kingdom, which allege that Trump has been groomed and supported by Russian intelligence for at least five years.

    The documents, which BuzzFeed admitted were unsupported and which the CNN did not fully disclose due to lack of independent corroboration, also alleged that Russian intelligence had compromising material on Trump related to his "unorthodox behavior" during a visit to Russia.

    Donald Trump denied that Russia has ever attempted to use leverage over him and reiterated that he has no business links with Russia.

    Trump further pointed out that the "leak" should not have emerged in the mainstream media at all.


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      I think both Russia and Donald Trump are getting to the end of their patience, with those who wish to cause trouble against a thaw in US/Russia relations. No doubt, both of them have the means and intelligence to go for payback, and no doubt lawyers might be getting ready to get their teeth into those that spread the lies.
    • AnomicDust
      But the "golden showers" coming from media ARE intended to gain leverage over Trump.
      Why complain? this is perfect. Ask BoJo to check into it.
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      Trump instead of having to deny and be put on the back foot warn UK if it does not clean up its act you will place trade restrictions for 12 months that should clean them up a bit!
    • danielmartin516
      Mr. Trump we already know that.
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      I am not sure how all this will end up, but in my opinion it will get much worst before it starts to get better. I am actually perplexed over the fact that USA and other NATO media is dealing with future president of USA. Either all of them are heavily on drugs or they are already so deep in conspiracy that they know that once Trump comes to office it will be pay day and they do not like that.

      Trump said that he will not pursue Clinton's investigation, but after all this barrage of insane and ludicrous defamation attacks on his personality and his family I am not sure that he will be so much honourable as they did not show any respect towards him what so ever. They all painted themselves as the worst, most bizarre and uneducated thugs west can master.

      In other hand that is a very worrying sign that Trump's opponents might plan something very nasty against him in near future. It would not be surprising if there would be assassination plan in making as that would be something that would relieve all of these criminals from possible prosecution.

      Bear in mind that in no state government has personal with clean hands and that every of them become that what it is due to some very unpleasant actions undertaken on the way up and none is prepared to talk about them. Every politicians has skeletons in his cupboard and no one wants them being exposed. Even Putin has them a lot starting from his possible unwanted actions during work with KGB or definitively his close friendly relations with Russian Mafia and later with oligarchs. Basically no one has clean history.

      I believe that soon will be all clear what will happen as there are only two options who will win and next options will be depending on winner, but it is sure that they wont be good for losers. Hope that Trump will succeed despite having whole Washington establishment against him.
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      Trump can change a lot of this by going straight to the people with twitter and starting a campaign to return the airwaves to the public and change the FCC rule and force Big Media to break up. We need a return to local radio stations and local newspapers.


      Notice how media control was changed just before the endless wars started in full. Trump needs to emphasize that the media aren't attacking him, but the office of POTUS and the people who want a stop to the endless wars and globalism. Populism is NOT a dirty word.
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      And Queen Elizabeth is the antichrist, according to many unnamed former high ranking intelligence officials.
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      If I had a chance to advise Mr. Trump, I would tell him the following.
      From now on (and he hasn't even assumed the presidency) the efforts to thwart his agenda, will only increase and not diminish. His best strategy must be to seek public support that I'm sure he will get, and denounce these elements publicly in the strongest possible terms without any consideration. Therefore, he will make a big mistake by adopting a defensive position to confront these bastards. He must attack, attack and always attack without mercy.
      For instance, he must mention the opinion of American experts in security and cybernetics that are debunking those false and fabricated claims involving Russia o anybody else..
      They assert that the revelations are "leaks" as opposed to hacks. One such undisputed expert is John McAfee and also ex- NSA and CIA operatives that are denouncing the allegations as fake. If he does so, the American people will openly back him up.
      To defend himself is a big mistake.
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