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    US President Barack Obama

    Obama to Present Brave Face in Wake of Democrats’ Defeat in His Final Address

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    In his final speech to the nation on Tuesday evening, US President Barack Obama will put on a brave face in the wake of the Democratic Party’s stunning defeat.

    Speaking to a massive crowd of supporters in Chicago instead of from the Oval Office or the East Room of the White House, Obama is hoping to invoke the message of “hope and change” that propelled him to the presidency in 2008, and kept him there until 2016.

    "I'll be thinking back to being a young community organizer, pretty much fresh out of school, and feeling as if my faith in America's ability to bring about change in our democracy has been vindicated," Obama said in a White House video on his final address.

    Administration officials have said that his speech will not be focused on policy, or his contrasts with Trump, but rather on a general hopeful vision for the future.

    "The system will respond to ordinary people coming together to try to move the country in a better direction," he said in the video.

    The outgoing President is correct, and people did come together, by voting for change through Trump.

    “The system did respond, in November, to Americans who by and large rejected Obama's policies by electing Republican Donald Trump,” the Associated Press noted.

    Despite seemingly fighting to make things as difficult as possible for the incoming President, Obama hopes that the speech will transcend party politics and speak to all Americans, even those who voted for Trump.

    "The President is primarily delivering a message to the American people, all Americans, whether they voted for President Obama or not," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday. "The President feels an obligation to talk about what he's learned of the last eight years, what he's learned about the country, what he's learned about governing the country, and offer up his advice to the American people about the most effective way to confront the challenges that we see ahead."

    Fewer than half of Americans say that they are better off after Obama’s presidency than they were before. Only one-third of Americans believe that he kept his promises, though the majority believe that he tried, and simply could not.


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      tony p
      Obama will attempt to rewrite history to the day he dies.
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      "he tried, and simply could not."

      Six words that will, forever, define his leadership. Another President said, "The buck stops here." So, with more powerful tools, more resources, more time, more money, why did he "simply could not?" Because he was not suited for the job, but he knew how to dress for the golf course.
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      marcanhaltin reply totony p(Show commentHide comment)
      tony p, Nobody will print it
    • avatar
      tony pin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Oh I don't know, the faithfooled* will, they keep printing bibles. :)
    • avatar
      Nobody, and no other place will have him. Even the Oval Office has the distinct presence of Trump in it already.
    • avatar
      marcanhaltin reply totony p(Show commentHide comment)
      tony p, Say what?
    • choticastile
      Brave face? -- And where's he going to get that from???
    • avatar
      Damn, how many FINAL things does this guy do, Final dinner, final dance, final ball, final fundraiser. I'm just looking forward to his FINAL DAY.
    • avatar
      a brave face...maybe that of a weasel or rodent.
    • nuclearstarr
      There is no "bravery" in this cowardly puppet.
    • avatar
      Brave face looks like the North end of a South bound mule to me!
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      double bonus
      ["The system will respond to ordinary people coming together to try
      to move the country in a better direction," he said in the video.]

      [The outgoing President is correct, and people did come together, by voting for change through Trump. “The system did respond, in November, to Americans who by and large rejected Obama's policies by electing Republican Donald Trump,” the Associated Press noted.]

      This is classic! Thanks for that! Obama turned the US upside-down into the worst possible political environment and the most unjust nation that it has ever been.

      Finally, the 8 darkest years in American History are coming to an end!
    • Mikhas
      Yet another final speech? Obola is like the f:ing plague. I'm so tired of this narcissistic monkey, I'm going to puke the coming 10 days.
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    • avatar
      Oh Nobama has "advice" for the american people... Well thanks but no thanks, we've just had 8 fokken years of your fokken advice. On your bike and just sod off.
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      OK, Barrack, we'll make it simple. In THREE words or less, tell us everything you've learned. That should be enough to cover everything that didn't go backwards.
    • avatar
      Prepare your hankerchief.. Obamelodrama is ending.
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      Fewer than half of Americans say that they are better off after Obama’s presidency than they were before. Only one-third of Americans believe that he kept his promises, though the majority believe that he tried, and simply could not.
      Those the same polls that said Clinton had a 95% chance of winning POTUS?
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      Obama is the biggest disappointment as a president. At least with an idiot like Bushy Jr. you knew you had an idiot.
      Obama was straight out disappointing loser.
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