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    Donald Trump Elected 45th US President (281)

    Prior to the US presidential election, Scandinavia emerged as one of Europe's most inveterate Clinton supporters. The outcome of the election has hardly changed Nordic popular opinion, which still remains strongly anti-Trump.

    Nearly 70 percent of Danes fully or partially support the idea that US President-elect Donald Trump poses a threat to international peace and stability, a YouGov poll conducted for Danish newspaper Metroxpress has shown. Among Danish women, the percentage of Trump-skeptics rose to 80 percent.

    US expert Mette Nøhr Claushøj agreed with her compatriots' assessment.

    "I am frightened that Trump is actually insane and apparently has an extremely fragile ego, which is a dangerous combination," Mette Nøhr Claushøj told Metroexpress, supporting the idea that Trump's instability posed a threat to US foreign policy. "I believe there is good reason to fear that Trump could pose a threat to peace and stability in the world," Nøhr Claushøj said.

    The same notion was shared by political commentator David Trads who also expressed fears of President-elect's alleged "instability."

    "Trump has said so many terrifying things one cannot help but fear the possibility that they become reality. He will remain a man whose actions may question international collaborations and create conflicts that cast doubt on NATO and the cooperation between the EU and the United States," David Trads said.

    Remarkably, 62 percent of Metroexpress readers answered that Trump's term in office was likely to end in World War III.

    The Danes' anxiety is shared in Finland. A third of Finnish respondents believe that Donald Trump's rise to power will result in growing instability in the world and give rise to an increasing number of wars and armed conflicts, a survey by pollster Taloustutkimus on behalf of Finnish newspaper Aamulehti indicated. Additionally, 40 percent of Finns are concerned about a possible rapprochement between the US and Russia. At the same time, however, 45 percent of the respondents believe it was the right step to do.

    In Sweden, whose leadership never made any secret of its ardent support for Hillary Clinton, a growing number of respondents (62 percent in 2016 against 54 in 2015) regard a Trump-led US as a problem for peace and security, a recent research by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) showed.

    Donald Trump Elected 45th US President (281)


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